Starrtrek Carriers offers first enclosed car carriers in Malaysia

Starrtrek Carriers is a brand-new state-of-the-art vehicle carrier service that will be available in Malaysia. The company is run by Datuk Kumar Prabakaran, who has more than 30 years in the Malaysian Automotive Logistics Industry. Using his experience and knowledge in the business, Starrtrek Carriers will be providing Malaysians with the best service possible with their European designed car carriers.

Starrtrek Carriers

Starrtrek Carriers will be offering two new trailers in Malaysia, the Auriga Deluxe 122 and the Blizzard. Both these trailers are game-changers in the Malaysian automotive logistic market.

The Auriga Deluxe is a car carrier designed to deliver vehicles discreetly and securely. It is meant to carry expensive vehicles that want to be confidentially enclosed. The trailer has also been designed to tolerate the conditions of Malaysia such as the harsh weather, road gravel and stones along the road. Meanwhile, the Blizzard is a non-enclosed car carrier that has been designed to carry a larger capacity of vehicles to reduce the amount of travelling needed.

Starrtrek Carriers

The carriers are able to accommodate to their customer’s needs. The carriers can carry passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles and sports utility vehicles, as well as vans, caravans, and campers. The carriers have also been made lightweight without comprising strength and durability. Its light weight also means lower fuel consumption.

The truck superstructures and trailers can be combined among the various models and the carrier’s system operation allows for fast and easy loading. The Auriga Deluxe can accommodate up to six passenger vehicles or four sport utility vehicles, while the Blizzard can hold up to ten passenger cars.


Both Auriga Deluxe and Blizzard semi-trailers are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems to aid vehicle loading and unloading with minimal handling. Its lightweight high yield steel combined with new technology and innovation enables multiple high loading capacities for automotive logistics and transportation business, bringing forward a greater sense of reliability, safety, and ultimate protection to the vehicles during the journey, which is facilitated only by the best handpicked drivers to fulfil door to door services.

Auriga Deluxe

As of now, Starrtrek Carriers has one unit of Auriga Deluxe and six units of Blizzard trailers available in Peninsular Malaysia. The company will be looking to increase the number of carriers to expand their service to more customers.

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