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Thorough smart vehicle testing in Malaysian conditions still on going

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With a rising dealer network, smart Malaysia needs a strong team to be behind this all new electric car brand as it reaches to every corner of Malaysia to provide emission, fun and technology filled motoring to Malaysians.

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Take the wheel and be part of the smart Malaysia team today.

Since the announcement of smart-appointed dealers in May of this year, smart Malaysia has been diligently outlining plans for product development and working closely with partners and suppliers to ensure a strategic smart ecosystem for Malaysia.

smart Malaysia’s team has been working collaboratively to develop local telematics services to support the vehicle control, navigation (charging map and entertainment functions), and the smart#1 customer app. This is to ensure that our Malaysian customers are provided with a seamless and tailored experience.


The vehicle is currently undergoing rigorous road testing as part of smart’s research and development (R&D) process including 20,000km adaptive test to evaluate the vehicle’s performance, reliability, and safety in real-world conditions with a particular focus on adapting to the weather and road conditions in Malaysia.

“In addition, we conducted local integration and display head function tests, which included 12,000 test cases and conditions. Meanwhile on the service side, we have successfully developed our after-sales network and online system.

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Over the past 6 months, we have extensively tested the service functions to ensure a smooth experience for end users,” explained Zhang Qiang.

As the official importer and distributor of smart vehicles in Malaysia and Thailand, smart Malaysia will bring the EV automotive excellence to the Malaysian market by featuring smart#1 which is scheduled to be launched by Quarter 4 of this year.


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