Scania Begins Sales Of Its Super Truck Series In Malaysia

This new Super range of Scania trucks promises greater fuel efficiency from its all-new powertrain. 

Scania has recently announced that it has begun sales of its Super series of trucks in Malaysia, and thus heralds forth a new powertrain package that the Swedish heavy vehicles manufacturer touts to offer up to 8% fuel savings for long-haul operations. 

Proclaimed by Scania to be its biggest local launch since the introduction of its New Truck Generation over here in 2019, the main star of the show for the Super range is undoubtably to be its all-new engine platform. An all-new 13-litre DOHC four-valve six-cylinder oil burner, the headline figures for this engine are to be a power output between 420 to 560 horsepower and a brake thermal efficiency of up to 50%. 

The truck manufacturer further adds that these new engines are Euro 5 compatible, and are inherently capable of handling FAME biodiesel alternative fuels. And on the subject of fuel, with the new Scania Twin Selective Catalytic Reduction System fitted as standard to these engines too, Scania is touting for these engines to provide excellent fuel-saving in addition to increased productivity and uptime. 

Said ambitious fuel saving claims are further bolstered by each Scania Super coming fitted with the new Scania Opticruise 14-speed automated manual gearbox, in addition to the new Scania 756 single reduction rear axles. The new transmission nets an all aluminium housing and more compact dimensions for lighter and quieter operation, while the new rear axle promises improves efficiency from reduced internal losses. 

This local launch of the Super series also included new chassis, frames, axles and tanks for increased modularity too. In addition to the new side-mounted AdBlue tanks in 123 and 150 litres, the new aluminium D-shaped fuel tank is now available from 165 litres to 910 litres in various lengths for greater fuel optimisation and durability as well. This new fuel tank can be positioned in different parts of the chassis, offering more flexibility and modularity in truck configuration. 

“The start of sales for Scania Super Trucks is a defining moment for our industry. This major update gives our customers greater operational efficiency while being sustainable to the environment. The integration of the improved powertrain and components serves to make the world’s most efficient truck even better,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

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