SCANIA NTG The Preferred Truck For MNA Metal Resources


MNA Metal Resources Sdn Bhd (MNA Metal) receives its first New Truck Generation (NTG) G410A4x2NZ with Repair & Maintenance (R&M7) from Scania that gives the best reliability, fuel-efficiency, reduced CO2 emission, uptime and ideal payload optimisation, increasing business productivity.

This sustainable partnership will enhance MNA Metal’s recycling operations in greening the environment. Daniel Tan, Solutions Sales Director, Scania Southeast Asia, handed over the key to Robert S. Mendoza, Director/ General Manager, MNA Metal.

The R&M7 contract that was signed will give MNA Metal worry-free operation due to predictable costs with planned downtime giving maximum uptime for seven years.

The NTG comes fitted with the standard safety features such as the technologically advanced Electronic Braking System (EBS), the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Daytime Running Light (DRL) for better visibility.

SCANIA NTG_MNA Metal Resources

In addition, the adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard, and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a safe and comfortable environment.

SCANIA NTG_MNA Metal Resources

The NTG’s advanced powertrain and aerodynamics gives a minimum of 3 percent improved fuel economy with lower CO2 emissions. The pre-set Economy Mode with Opticruise saves even more fuel.

SCANIA NTG_MNA Metal Resources

The Fleet Management System Control 10 gives real time positioning of the NTG, vehicle performance, environmental reports, service planning and driver evaluation which will help MNA Metal to quickly identify potential vehicle usage improvements.

SCANIA NTG_MNA Metal Resources

The Scania Credit’s Hire Purchase gives MNA Metal a comprehensive logistical solution for a total peace-of-mind. MNA Metal will also realise profitability immediately with fixed and predictable monthly cost from the Scania Instalment Plan, that was signed today as well.

SCANIA NTG_MNA Metal Resources

“The Scania NTG gives me increased frequency of payload, always aiming for ideal payload optimisation, a significant improvement to my transportation needs. Also satisfied with the improved uptime and the genuine parts that I get from the R&M contract.

The reduction in CO2 emission through the fuel efficient NTG also goes perfectly with our recycling business and ultimately leads to our sustainability and profitability while caring for the environment.

I am confident in this investment due to the NTG’s advanced technology and impressed with the extensive network of workshops that are easily accessible within Malaysia. I am also pleased with the after-sales services that are consistently offering Scania tailor-made value for money solutions giving us the best results.” said Robert.

Established in 2011, MNA Metal Resources Sdn Bhd is one of five permit holders in Malaysia issued by the Department of Environment to transport and recycle hazardous cargo, namely scrap automotive batteries.

The operation involves the separation of the lead acid from the plastic containers from used batteries and recycling them as new materials for battery manufacturers in Malaysia. While the collection depots are in Ipoh and Kempas, the recycling process are done in its plant in Nilai.

98 percent of the scrap batteries can be recycled ensuring that no harmful lead acid and plastics are disposed of unregulated. MNA Metal is the official business partner of Scania for disposal of used lead acid batteries (ULAB).

“We are pleased that MNA Metal Resources chose our Scania New Truck Generation as their first prime mover to start its Heavy-duty Vehicle Fleet. As a sustainable partner, Scania will ensure that the NTG stays on the road with the maximum uptime available via the R&M7 contract.

With the great loading capacity, Scania’s fit for purpose solution will help MNA Metal find the perfect balanced of uptime, payload and fuel efficiency. Scania is also proud to be able to be part of MNA Metal’s business that contributes towards caring for the environment and a greener future for all,” stated Daniel.

For more details on how the G-Series NTG can benefit your operations, please call us at 03-7845 1000, email at [email protected], visit, or visit the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre and talk to our Solutions Sales Executives for the range of Scania’s Total Solutions offers that complement the NTG purchases.

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