Sarawak Leads In Emission Free Leadership Example

Emission free motoring is not just with battery technology but also hydrogen power

Right now, all the large German automobile manufacturers are investing millions of euros into emission free mobility with battery technology and electrification to keep Tesla out of their profitable markets.

However, Toyota Motor Corporation has been moving in a different direction whilst still investing in battery technology.

Toyota has been spending millions of euros on making improvements in fuel cell technology offer up to thirty percent greater range, plus improved acceleration and performance.

Toyota Hydrogen

Meanwhile, some four years ago, in a special media preview one day before the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, Toyota management showed us their concept fuel cell powered Mirai sedan which looked very much like a Lexus sedan, inside and out.

They also announced that they will preview this next generation groundbreaking, zero-emission Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

This totally re-designed Mirai reflects a major step forward for FCEVs and the potential of a hydrogen society, boasting significantly greater range, improved driving performance, and an elegant, sporty design that offers increased passenger room and comfort.

Toyota Mirai emission free

Then in January 2023, UMW Toyota Motor handed over 4 units of hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai’s to Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) Energy.

One unit was handed over by UMW Toyota Motor and SEDC Energy to the Sarawak Premier, known by most as Abang Jo.

It seems that Sarawak is leading by example for the rest of Malaysia with their premier using the Mirai daily to prove how efficient and clean motoring should be. This picture was shared recently with the Mirai being used by the Sarawak premier.

When will our leaders in the rest of Malaysia follow this example and have emission free vehicles as their daily driver and not some high capacity petrol or diesel gulping luxury vehicle.

Main Image thanks to Abang Hudini Abang Kashim

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