Rolls-Royce Partners Hermes In Creating The Phantom Oribe

This custom Phantom is the land-based pet project of the world’s first moon-bound space tourist. 

It is often said that no two Rolls-Royces are alike, and this certainly rings true when its Bespoke division has been churning out one-off creations like this Phantom Oribe here. 

One of the more gorgeous and tasteful custom commissions in recent memory, this exclusive dark-green Phantom Oribe has been designed and developed in collaboration with legendary Paris-based fashion house Hermès for none other than Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa. Now if that name sounds familiar, that is because he was in the news lately for being the billionaire that will be the first commercial passenger to perform a flyby around the moon. 

As for his new Rolls-Royce, it was stated by the automaker that this bespoke phantom was envisioned to be a ‘land jet’ that will bring the ‘serene exclusivity of private air travel to the road’. The inspiration for the dark green and cream colour scheme (and the Phantom Oribe’s name) however did not come from the world of aviation, but instead from antique Japanese Oribe ware. 

A type of Japanese ceramic from the 16th century that Maezawa-san is a prominent collector of, the specialists at Rolls-Royce’s Surface Finish Centre apparently have spent several months developing this bespoke Oribe Green colour seen on this custom Phantom. This lustrous, copper green colour specially created for this car is then accented by cream-white paint on the lower bumpers and side skirts that further add in the Roll’s resemblance with this style of pottery. 

Just speaking a little bit more about the Oribe Green colour, Rolls-Royce has also stated that it will be making an unprecedented move by offering this paint colour for use on the client’s private jet that the Phantom will be paired with. It remains to be seen however on whether the client’s spacecraft will feature the same dark green exterior hue. 

Continuing along inside the bespoke Phantom, the dark-green and cream colour scheme from the outside is carried on within. Though this time its Hermès’ Enea Green and leather which extends throughout the interior, right through to the steering wheel, duchess handles, gear selector and the rotary controls. 

Hermès leather also flows around the upper instrument panel, interior pillars and parcel shelf of the Oribe Phantom, not to mention less visible areas too like the glove compartment, luggage compartment lining, centre console, decanter stowage compartment and even the champagne cooler. The headliner and rear armrests however are wrapped in the same canvas fabric as some of the French fashion house’s handbags, while the floor mats are made from lambs wool and comes in the same shade of Seashell White as the rest of the cream leather accents within the cabin. 

Moving away from the upholstery and onto the woodwork, the Oribe Phantom features unique wooden speaker frets derived from perforating Open Pore Royal Walnut veneer applied to the doors. This type of wood is also to be found on the rear picnic tables, as well as the centre and rear consoles of this bespoke luxury limo. 

In recognition of the Anglo-Franco partnership in developing this one-off Rolls-Royce, the Phantom Oribe’s dashboard is dominated a custom hand-painted piece of Open Pore Royal Walnut depicting the famous Hermès horse motif. Commissioned by the French fashion house, this abstract equine artwork is apparently based on a design by Pierre Péron, the man who created many of the House’s iconic scarves. Another more subtle nod to this collaboration will be found on the glove compartment lid, which has been embossed with the Habillé par Hermès Paris signature.

Seeing as this is a custom creation, Roll-Royce has not revealed the cost of commissioning this Phantom Oribe. Though whatever the cost, it will surely not be more than a drop in the bucket for the man who’s booked himself moon-bound space tourist. 

PRESS RELEASE: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has co-created a magnificent Bespoke Phantom in a unique collaboration with Hermès. Designed and handcrafted by a combined team of Bespoke specialists at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood, West Sussex, and Hermès in Paris, Phantom Oribe reflects the personality and passions of its owner, Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa. The client envisioned the car as a ‘land jet’, bringing the serene exclusivity of private air travel to the road. 

The car’s striking two-tone exterior matches the characteristic green and cream glazes of antique Japanese Oribe ware, of which Maezawa-san is a prominent collector. The upper part is finished in Oribe Green, a fully Bespoke colour created exclusively for the client; in an unusual move, Rolls-Royce has made the paint available for use on the client’s private jet the Phantom will be paired with. Developed over many months by specialists in the Surface Finish Centre at Goodwood, it perfectly captures the lustrous, deep-green glaze that characterises these 16th century ceramics. The effect is beautifully completed by the cream-white lower section. 

The Oribe ware-inspired colourway harmoniously continues through the interior, created and realised through a true meeting of minds between Hermès designers and craftspeople in Paris, and the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective of designers, engineers and craftspeople at Goodwood in West Sussex. Together, they applied their shared expertise and ingenuity to ensure every individual component embodies the finest traditions of both houses.

The interior is finished predominantly in Hermès Enea Green leather, extending to details that include the immediate touch-points of the client; for example, the steering wheel, duchess handles, gear selector and the rotary controls for the motor car’s climate settings. 

The Hermès leather flows around the upper instrument panel, interior pillars and parcel shelf. It also enrobes less visible surfaces including the glove compartment and luggage compartment lining, centre console, decanter stowage compartment and Champagne cooler. In a sign of the project’s truly collaborative nature, and the two makers’ mutual esteem, the glove compartment lid is embossed with the signature Habillé par Hermès Paris.

Delicate Hermès piping adorns the headrest cushions and calf supports of the rear seats, while soft Seashell White accents and matching lambswool floor mats create a sense of light and space throughout. 

The interior is also replete with examples of Rolls-Royce Bespoke design and handcraftsmanship. Wooden speaker frets, for example, are formed by meticulously perforating the Open Pore Royal Walnut veneer applied to the doors, creating a seamless, textured aesthetic and delicate haptics. Open Pore Royal Walnut is additionally applied to the centre and rear consoles and picnic table backs; in another first for Rolls-Royce, the interior features Hermès ‘Toile H’ canvas on the door armrests, centre and rear consoles and, most notably, the signature headliner.

Hermès brings its distinctive equestrian heritage and innovative craftsmanship know-how to the car, with the leather upholstery created using stitching and edge-painting techniques originally employed by master saddlers. For Phantom’s Gallery, a feature unique to Rolls-Royce, that runs the length of the motor car’s fascia, Hermès commissioned an artwork based on a design by the celebrated French artist and illustrator Pierre Péron (1905–1988) who created many of the House’s iconic scarves. The work, inspired by the famous Hermès horse motif, is hand-painted on Open Pore Royal Walnut and is presented as though staged in an art gallery, behind glass.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös added, “This majestic and tasteful Rolls-Royce Phantom demonstrates what is possible when talented people from two of the world’s great houses work closely together alongside a far-sighted, inspirational client like Maezawa-san. It is a meeting of minds, expertise, visions and skill that represents the very best of our respective craftspeople and capabilities.”

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