Renault Espace has been the benchmark for comfort, spaciousness, high-end equipment, modularity and light-filled interiors.

It has kept all the time-honoured features, and quality of life on board is unparalleled. The All-new Espace’s generously-sized interior, comprehensive array of equipment and panoramic sunroof are an invitation to upscale travel, wellness and driving pleasure.

Befitting Renault’s lineage of cars for life and living, the All-new Espace’s driving and safety features for all its occupants are at the top of the range.

It is built on the Alliance’s purpose-designed CMF-CD platform and comes with 32 driver assistance systems. MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced, Renault’s four-wheel-steering system, take pleasure at the wheel to the next level.



Spaciousness is one of the All-new Renault Espace’s main strengths – it can seat up to seven people and they will all travel more comfortably than ever on long journeys.

It is built on the Alliance’s CMF-CD modular platform, comes with the long versions of the central and rear units, and the space inside has been specifically optimised. It is 4.72 metres long in all – 14 cm shorter than the previous generation and the passenger compartment is even longer (2.48 metres to the third row).

This remarkable feat is especially good news for passengers in the second row, who will enjoy the knee radius of up to 321 mm. And their seats recline up to 31 degrees, so the comfort levels are unsurpassed. Plus, if the middle seat is empty, the passengers can use a central armrest with two cup holders.

The passengers in the third row (which is available free of charge with orders) will also enjoy the ample knee-room (128 mm) and the Easy Access features enabling them to push the second row seats 260 mm towards the front and tilt the backs forwards. Each passengers have pretensioners in their seatbelts, touch-switch ceiling lights, USB-C charging docks and, in some versions, enjoy the Harman Kardon sound system.


The people carrier becomes a traveller lounge

Life in Espace has always been something else. And this new generation combines several features to turn the passenger compartment into a proper traveller lounge on wheels.

The optional sunroof fills the area with more light than ever. It has no crossbeam, so it provides more than 1 sqm of sunshine (1.33 metres long, 0,84m wide). Highly technical, the glass has a low-emissivity coating on its inner surface. This composition filters out UV rays and most of the incoming infrared rays and reflects the heat from the passenger compartment. And you don’t need a blackout curtain to keep the heat and glare out.

The Renault Espace has always had the comfiest of seats – and they are even more so in this generation. All versions come with a sliding hand rest on the centre console and the Iconic trim includes soft and soothing ergonomic cushions made of the same fabric as the upholstery, that fit onto the rear headrests of the second row.


A generous assortment of equipment and top-of-the-range looks

The All-new Renault Espace solidifies the previous generations’ best-in-class position and status. The quality of the finishing touches is instantly perceptible, the passenger compartment looks stunning and the array of equipment is comprehensive.

The entry-level trim, Techno, comes with a 24-inch OpenR screen, powered tailgate, wireless phone charger, 19-inch wheels, Isofix systems on the left and right seats in the second row and the safety pack including the blind spot warning system.

The Esprit Alpine trim adds a categorically sporty feel inside  and is new on the Espace. The headrests feature the A-and-Arrow logo, the Alcantara on the dashboard has blue overstitching and the Alcantara on the seats blends pleasingly and elegantly with the synthetic leather and Latis Bright fabric.


The Iconic trim takes the interior to new heights with genuine ash wood on the dashboard and light Sand Gray padded leather upholstery combined with Mokka Brown decking. You can adjust the seats electrically (forwards, backwards, up and down, and their inclination) and they are heated (as is the steering wheel). The driver’s seat also has a lumbar massaging mechanism.

Modular inside

To make the most of the space inside and keep everyone comfortable, the All-newRenault Espace now comes with the first-ever second-row bench that slides 220 mm forwards and backwards and is split into two independent units (to a 2/3 – 1/3 ratio).

Slide them all the way back and the passengers on them will have kneeroom at the best level on this market (up to 321 mm); slide them all the way forwards and the boot in the 5-seater version will hold 777 litres (VDA).


Here’s another smart modular feature: the third-row of seats fold into the floor, so you can flip them out anytime to seat 7 people or fold them away to get the most boot space.

This ample choice of interior configurations and the possibility of instantly adapting capacity make the All-new Espace extremely versatile.

Plenty of boot capacity, as usual

The All-new Renault Espace’s boot is ideal, especially for families, and its storage capacity is among the best on the market:

  • 1,818 litres in the 5-seater version with the second row of seats folded down
  • 777 litres in the 5-seater version with the second row all the way forwards
  • 159 litres in 7-seater configuration with the third row in place

To optimise space at the back and flatten the floor for more convenient loading, you can easily fold down the second row of seats (one, two or all three units) using the Easy Folding unlocking handles.

The All-new Renault Espace also has a powered tailgate, which you can open or close from the cockpit, pressing a button on the tailgate, using the keyless entry or moving your foot under the rear bumper.

Storage compartments

Like the previous generations, the All-new Renault Espace’s large interior includes ample storage space for extra convenience: 39 litres in all, with 20 litres at the front including a more than 6 litres glove compartment and two side-door tubs holding more than 4 litres each.

The centre console is free from driving instruments, and in their stead has two storage compartments: a 2 litre one under the sliding hand rest and a 3.6 litre one under the armrest that opens upwards.

In the second row, the foldaway central armrest has two cup holders, the doors can hold a 1 litre bottle each and two pockets are behind the front seats.


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