RECARO podium seat arrives in 2019

Say hello to the an all new RECARO brand seat. Called the ‘Podium’, this is much more than a thoroughbred CFRP shell seat. It’s a pioneering seat design for the contrasting demands of road and track. It’s not just its sleek outline, visible structures or motorsport-inspired pads in varying thicknesses that make heads turn. The Podium stands out because of its superior quality and exceptional performance on all road types – for driving day-to-day and at the limit. This is seat you will need for your brand new Renault Megane R.S. Trophy.

Recaro Podium Seat

The RECARO Podium is the lightest seat in the world (category: retrofit seats with road approval and FIA approval) and the only retrofit shell seat on the market that is approved for use on public roads and has FIA homologation.

Recaro Podium Seat

The RECARO Podium is the first racing shell ever to be awarded the coveted seal of quality from AGR e.V., the German Campaign for Healthier Backs – a reliable decision-making aid when buying back-friendly products.

Recaro Podium Seat

the RECARO Podium is made of extremely resilient carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and went through intensive testing on the Nürburgring’s “Green Hell” during development. The RECARO Podium can be used with all standard belt systems for road and track: 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-point belts. To guarantee optimum safety, the Podium can be enhanced with harness belts from SCHROTH®.

Take a seat and feel good – that is the motto of the new RECARO Podium bowl. The new RECARO podium also sets completely new standards in terms of comfort and ergonomics. It is not for nothing that the RECARO Podium is the first racing shell ever to be awarded the coveted seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rück e. V. was awarded – a reliable decision-making aid when buying back-friendly products.

The perfect support for the driver is essential, because the body does hard work when driving. Sitting in the car is one of the most unfavorable postures because it forces the body to be passive. Depending on the route, driving style and surface, driving dynamic influences such as centrifugal forces, deceleration forces or vibrations must be compensated for in a wide variety of frequencies. RECARO performance seats, such as the podium, compensate for these factors by providing optimal support and protection:

“After 26 years of automobile sport plus series development, my body appreciates the maximum comfort of RECARO seats. Especially on the uniquely demanding Nordschleife with the many fast passages and corresponding centrifugal forces paired with the pronounced bumps, a perfectly cut seat is worth its weight in gold! ”

One size fits NOT all. That is why the RECARO podium is available in two sizes thanks to the padding of different thicknesses: size M for medium-sized drivers and size L for larger drivers. So the shell is optimally adapted to individual comfort and space requirements. Another plus: the pads are not used over the entire surface, but only at the contact points with the body – this allows passive air conditioning of the seat, the air can circulate.

The particularly light, visible structure of the RECARO podium made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) also ensures impressive ergonomic properties for this seat. It hugs the body like a second skin. Since the contours of the shell were perfectly modeled on the natural shape of the human spine, the back is supported so well that no one misses any further adjustment options.

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