Proton X70 Discount At RM7k Plus Goodies Right Now

The X70 waiting time has disappeared and there is RM7k plus discount at all dealers

It seems that the Proton X70 is seeing its final days of sales success as dealers start offering discounts (some higher than the official advertised amount and delivery is almost immediate, subject to loan approval as there are rising number of Malaysians with an unfavorable credit score for a vehicle costing more than RM100k. 

When the Proton X70 made its very first appearance in Malaysia on the 12th of December 2018, it was received by Malaysians with open arms.

Prior to its launch, there were some reservations on its popularity as the Proton brand image in Malaysia was not at its best with aged models, fledging after sales and showrooms that were not well kept.

Proton X70

Then came the partnership with Geely Holdings and their strong intention to bring their already popular SUV as the first joint-venture rebadged vehicle.


This was the Geely Bo Yue SUV and it was to be rebadged as Proton’s first ever SUV. Proton and Geely engineers worked on getting a right hand drive version produced for Malaysia and also the region.

Soon after its launch, there were 10,000 plus bookings in hand and new and existing Proton dealers were celebrating their success.

In case you forgot, in 2018, the X70 arrived with a 1.8-litre TGDi turbocharged engine, with a choice of two or all-wheel drive, with prices starting from RM99,800 to RM123,800. 

Meanwhile, it was in June 2022 that this latest powertrain, the 1.5L was introduced to the X70. Interestingly, this 1.5 TD engine was based on the Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) and it is a 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

The current X70 pricing looks like this:

  • TGDi Standard 2WD RM93,900
  • TGDi Executive 2WD RM105,500
  • TGDi Executive AWD RM111,300
  • TGDi Premium 2WD RM117,900
  • TGDi Premium 2WD RM121,800

This latest Geely provided petrol driven engine meets CN/Euro 6 emission standards and delivers 177PS of power with 255Nm of torque. It is mated to a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox.


Inside the cabin of this latest X70 you will see the upgraded infotainment system powered by the latest GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem with a larger 10.25-inch, Hi! Proton voice command, online music streaming, smartphone connectivity and more.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian used car market is seeing a large number of early model X70’s on sale as with any other popular vehicle, once the 5-year factory warranty is up, most owners will sell and look for a new model with a new factory warranty.

This pushes values down (because there is a large volume on sale) and the 2nd hand buyer market benefits, as long as the used vehicles is not riddled with mechanical issues.

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