Porsche Worldwide Deliveries Drop 4% In First Quarter Of 2024

A total of 77,640 cars were delivered globally by Porsche between January and March of 2024. 

Porsche has recently announced that it has delivered a total of 77,640 cars to customers around the year between January and March of 2024. This figure represents a moderate decline of 4% from the previous year, which is surprising given that the Stuggart stallion has been busy revitalising quite a few models in the recent past. 

“In 2024, we are getting ready for the future. With the all-electric Macan, the new Panamera, the Taycan and the new 911, we are updating four of our six model lines,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. “Despite the ramp-up of the new launches, delays in delivery due to regulatory requirements in North America and the still challenging market situation in China, we were able to maintain deliveries at a stable level.” 

A Sales Slump In China & North America, But Boom Time In Germany

Delving deeper into its China situation here, the sports car manufacturer delivered 16,340 vehicles from January to March – a decrease of 24%. Reasons given for this slump by Porsche are for the shift in focus on value-oriented sales over there, the continued tense economic situation in the Chinese market and a strong equivalent period in the previous year due to initial post-COVID catch-up effects.

As for its North American sales meanwhile, a total of 15,087 vehicles delivered in the first quarter of 2024 marked a similarly steep year-on-year drop of 23%. This decline is though is instead more due to a supply side issue, with a customs related delay in the shipping of some models primarily being blamed by Porsche for this slump. 

There is nevertheless to be some regions where Porsche has grown in sales, with Europe (excluding Germany) charting a moderate 9% increase in deliveries in the first quarter of 2024, with 20,044 cars making its way to customers in the old continent over the prior three months. The German automaker managed to shift 14,895 cars in what it has lumped as the overseas and emerging markets too, representing an increase of 14%.

The steepest rise in sales however during this first quarter for Porsche took place in its home market of Germany, where the Stuttgart stallion saw deliveries spike by some 37% year-on-year, from 8,247 in 2023 to 11,274 this past three months. 

PORSCHE AG Deliveries January – March
2023 2024 Difference
Worldwide 80,767 77,640 -4%
Germany 8,247 11,274 37%
North America 19,651 15,087 -23%
China 21,365 16,340 -24%
Europe (excluding Germany) 18,420 20,044 9%
Overseas and Emerging Markets 13,084 14,895 14%

Cayenne Sales Surge, While New Refreshes Have Yet To Reach Customers

With 28,025 units, the Cayenne recorded the most deliveries in the first quarter (+20%). Its smaller Macan sibling on the other hand saw deliveries over the same period decrease by 14% year-on-year to only 20,576 units. Porsche attributes this dip to a disproportionately strong period for sales of its small SUV in the previous year, along with the more pertinent fact that these deliveries are of the newly-outdated iteration, with its all-new all-electric successor that was recently revealed only be reaching customers in the second half of the year. 

Similarly, both the Panamera and Taycan saw large sales dip in the first quarter of 28% and 54% respectively due to having significantly revised iterations having recently been launched by Porsche over the last few months. Global deliveries in the first quarter of 2024 for its fuel-burning sports wagon totalled 6,139 units, while the 4,236 customers worldwide drove home in their brand new all-electric four-door supercar. 

Finishing up with its the true sports car in the Stuggart stallion’s lineup, its iconic 911  is still very popular with customers, with the 12,892 units that were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2024 marking a 17% increase over the same period last year. The 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman models on the other hand posted 5,772 deliveries, representing a slightly more impressive rise of 20%. 

“With our attractive new models, we are bringing the strongest Porsche product portfolio of all time onto the road in 2024. This puts us in an ideal starting position for the coming years,” says Detlev von Platen. “Nevertheless, so many new launches in such a short time are a very complex challenge. We approach these tasks conscientiously and act prudently. Our focus in 2024 continues to be on value-oriented sales.”

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