Singer’s 300th Porsche Restomod Is This Beautiful Blue Targa

This Resistance Blue over orange Sotto commission initially started off in life as a 1990 911 964 Targa. 

Singer Vehicle Design has recently revealed its 300th 911 that it has ‘reimagined’. Dubbed the Sotto commission, this latest creation from the Californian classic Porsche masters comes from its ‘Classic Study’ series and expectedly looks as exquisite as the 299 other masterpieces it has previously created. 

A 911 that has started life initially as a 1990 Targa model, Singer has visually backdated this 964 to look more like a classic 911. Its now fully carbon body is to currently be resplendent in a suitably-Californian Resistance Blue hue, which is in turn complemented by a contrasting darker blue removable targa roof up top, and a faintly visible ‘light ghosted’ classic Porsche stripe on its lower third. 

Other exterior highlights on this particular Singer starts up front with a cheeky splitter hiding under its classic-style nose, with Fuch-style five spoke alloy wrapped in Michelin tyres filling out those arches nicely while further emphasising that traditional iconic retro Porsche aesthetic. Just peeking through from behind said rollers too are to be a massive set of carbon ceramic brakes, which are of course needed to reign in the rather potent power potential of Singer’s hand-built flat-six hanging out its back. 

And exactly how potent might that flat six be? Well, Singer quotes that the 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated air-cooled unit in this Sotto commission is currently to be pushing around 400 horses to its rear wheels via a 5 speed manual transmission. A set of titanium sports exhaust fitted to it will likely also see this Sotto commission be heard anywhere before it is seen too, especially if the lucky driver lets it howl up to 9,000 rpm red line. 

Now moving on inside, the commissioner of this particular Singer has went with an orange hue to contrast its blue exterior. This tangerine colour extends from the door panels and lower portion of the dashboard to its carbon lightweight carbon fibre track seats (featuring woven leather centres and nickel grommets no less), with even the tachometer (and the quilted engine bay lining too actually) netting the same splash of vibrancy. 

Unfortunately, Singer has not disclosed the final amount this lucky commissioner has forked out for his gorgeous blue ride here. There is also to be some further sad news too for anyone who wishes to procure a similar one as to what is seen here, because the company has previously announced back in 2022 that it is taking an indefinite pause on orders for its ‘Classic Study’ series in order to focus on its growing backlog of Turbo and DLS models.

Incidentally to those wanting a Singer over here, it is worth noting that it won’t actually be the first in Malaysia. In fact, out of the 300 cars it has produced, at least 2 have already been publicly spotted wearing local number plates: a Pistachio Green ‘Classic Study’ and a Midnight Blue ‘Harimau Commission’ DLS. 

Discussing more on the company itself meanwhile, Singer has grown significantly since its 2009 inception, with some 700 staff under its employ currently. It now operates out of a 115,000 square foot workshop in Torrance incorporating fabrication, interior, ‘fine works’ and paint all under one roof, with it recently opening up a UK facility too to better cater to its many European orders. 

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