Porsche’s Experience Centre Tokyo Has Its Very Own Track

The Porsche purchasing experience in Tokyo has just got a whole lot more exciting. 

Buying a new Porsche is undoubtably to be a thrilling experience, but those who purchase their Stuggart stallions in Japan could now have a more enjoyable time than most. That is as the premium German marque has recently announced the opening of its Porsche Experience Centre Tokyo, which within it features a 2.1-kilometre long track with corners that apparently replicate ‘the Carousel at Nürburgring in Germany and the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca in the United States’. 

Situated just outside the Tokyo metropolitan in the city of Kisarazu, the stunning track that rises out from the luscious landscape naturally isn’t to be the only amazing aspect of this newly opened Porsche playground. That is because this ninth such experience centre to be opened by the automaker worldwide also incorporates other fun features within its 43-hectare site, like a ‘Dynamic Area’ for instance which enables visitors to ‘experience special programs with slalom driving, full braking, and launch control practice’. 

There is also a ‘Low Friction Handling Track’ complete with a sprinkler system and hydraulically-actuated ‘kick plates’, to enable drivers practice wet weather control and also do a spot of drifting in their Porsches. And if a little bit more sideways action is required, there is then always the ‘low-friction circular concrete drift circle’ for visitors to practice pulling the perfect powerslide in their Stuggart stallions. 

For those however who prefer to test the off-road capabilities of its rather popular SUVs, the off-road course with sudden steep banks measuring up to nearly 40º might be more your kind of thing instead. To those though that are perhaps not of age to test any of the actual cars yet, don’t despair as the within the Porsche Experience Centre Tokyo is also a Simulation Lab that allows for visitors to experience virtually a selection of its famous models on familiar racetracks from around the world. 

In continuing on the topic of what else is there to do within the main building itself, the Porsche Experience Centre Tokyo consists of a cafe, a restaurant and the inevitable merchandise shop. A selection of classic and modern models are naturally displayed prominently throughout too, with a meeting and conference space rounding up long list of features that make up what could very well be the best showroom in the world.

PRESS RELEASE: Today, Porsche Japan opened the ninth Porsche Experience Center (PEC) worldwide in the city of Kisarazu in the greater Tokyo area.

The new driving and brand experience center PEC Tokyo boasts a footprint of 43 hectares. It incorporates the natural beauty of Kisarazu and Japanese scenery, utilizing the original natural surroundings in a special manner.

The exterior of the building features an Edo Kiriko cut glass design motif, a type of tradition-al Japanese craft. A pattern of diagonal lines known as yaraimon create an exceptional look and protects the building from scratches and dirt thanks to traditional methods. The interior also features traditional Japanese plastering and elements reminiscent of a Japanese garden.

“Especially at times of digitization, real experiences and connecting with others is more important than ever and our Porsche Experience Centers are perfect places to do this,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. “Our concept, which already has nine locations worldwide, cannot be compared with any other in the automotive industry, and we will expand this unique selling point even further. In the new Porsche Experience Center Tokyo, Porsche enthusiasts from Japan and from all around the world can connect with each other and enjoy emotional driving experiences in a very beautiful environment.”

3D course and six driver training modules

The 2.1-kilometer handling track recreates famous corners such as the Carousel at Nürburgring in Germany and the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca in the United States. The most significant feature of the PEC Tokyo course is, however, that it utilizes the natural topography to create a completely unique 3D track for a driving experience with height differences on a special handling track.

The “Low Friction Handling Track” with a polished concrete surface induces oversteer and understeer at low speeds, allowing drivers to train in vehicle control methods. A tough off-road course utilizes the hilly terrain to include sudden steep banks measuring up to nearly 40 degrees. Here, drivers can experience the performance of the Cayenne and Macan. In the “Dynamic Area”, visitors will experience special programs with slalom driving, full braking, and launch control practice utilizing dry road characteristics.

Moreover, the PEC offers a “Kick Plate”: The moment the rear axle of the vehicle passes over the embedded hydraulic plates, the sensors randomly move the plates side to side, forcing the car into a spin. A wetting system wets the concrete road surface for training in controlling the car. Finally, the PEC Tokyo offers a low-friction, circular concrete “drift circle”, wet with a sprinkler system. Here, visitors can safely experience understeer driving or hold drifts on the course. One-on-one instruction from veteran Porsche driving coaches will help visitors hone their driving skills.

Inside the brand experience worlds located next to the course, visitors will be greeted by the latest and classic Porsche models on display. In addition to driving experiences, there is a cafe, a restaurant and the Porsche Driver’s Selection shop. In the Simulation Lab, famous Porsche models that can be driven on familiar racetracks from around the world on various simulators. PEC Tokyo is also equipped with a meeting and conference space.

Wide-ranging CSR activities

Porsche Japan’s comprehensive CSR program “Porsche. Dream Together” was started in November 2020 and is currently under way. It comprises three areas, with the first and second pillars in the initiative consisting of a program for helping Japanese youngsters to cultivate dreams for the future. In this regard, Porsche Japan has formed a partnership with the University of Tokyo and the non-profit organization Katariba and is already offering a unique scholar-ship program and special classes. The third pillar consists of environmental conservation in Kisarazu Chiba, where the Porsche Experience Center Tokyo is located, and cultivating stronger ties with the local community. One example are donations to the Kisarazu Organic Rice School Lunch Project, which provides rice organically grown in Kisarazu to elementary and junior high schools in the city. 

Furthermore, this endeavor includes the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the city of Kisarazu on September 30, which details Porsche Japan support for the city in case of disaster.

Porsche Experience Centers are a unique concept in the automotive industry and offer Porsche fans and customers exciting experiences with the sports car brand and its products. There are PECs in Leipzig, Silverstone, Atlanta, Le Mans, Los Angeles and Shanghai as well as Germany’s Hockenheimring, and, since September 2021, in Franciacorta, Italy.

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