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2001 Model Porsche 996 Turbo Used For Sale In Malaysia

The Porsche 996 was the fifth generation of the 911 which was introduced in 1997. Porsche took the bold step to stop using air-cooled engines. After 34 years, the sports car manufacturer completely revamped its icon with this new 911 and in doing so solved a number of urgent challenges.

Porsche Turbo 996

As part of a process that had started with the predecessor, the focus was on reducing production costs through maximum compatibility of parts with other model series, such as the Porsche Boxster, as well as on meeting updated safety and emissions regulations. Porsche found its path into the future with the 996.

Porsche 996 turbo used

It did this by preserving classic proportions and combining them with modern technology – in short, re-inventing a sports car legend and preparing it for the future. The 996 had a difficult legacy to follow, but it also represented the first chapter of a new era. That was already clear in the design.

Porsche 996 turbo used meters

The result was a newly developed body, which impressed with an elegant, no-frills look. The dimensions also grew: The new 911 was now 18.5 centimetres longer, and the wheelbase was also lengthened for the second time in the history of the model series. This increased by 80 mm, while the body width also added another three centimetres.

Porsche 996 turbo used

The interior also benefited from these changes: the 996 offered more elbow room and a more generous feeling of spaciousness. The dashboard also had a new look: the five round instruments merge into each other, which was another break with tradition.

Porsche 996 turbo used rear seat

However, the greatest revolution was at the rear. The flat engine design was preserved, but not its air cooling, because this cooling principle did not have enough reserves to comply with the increasingly strict emissions regulations. In contrast, the newly developed water cooling system was ready for the future.

Porsche 996 turbo used gear shift

This was also true for its performance: the four-valve six-cylinder engine generated 300 PS from a displacement of 3.4 litres, therefore matching the legendary 911 Turbo 3.3. After the engine facelift with a displacement of 3.6 litres, this increased to 320 PS, and in the anniversary edition “40 years of Porsche 911”, the power output even reached 345 PS.

Porsche 996 turbo used kick plate

The Porsche 996 Turbo also received a new water-cooled flat engine. This came with an impressive track record: as a 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine, it had already powered the 911 GT1 to victory in the Le Mans race in 1998.

Porsche 996 turbo used_dashboard

Thanks to twin turbocharging, it delivered 420 PS in the series-production vehicle. This 911 Turbo was therefore the first series model from Porsche to break the 300-km/h barrier.

The exterior design was a reinterpretation of the 911’s classic line, but with a lower drag coefficient of just 0.30.

The lines of the Porsche 996 Turbo were also a result of component sharing with Porsche’s successful first ever Boxster model. Its most obvious exterior feature were the headlights with integrated turn signals, which was at first controversial but later copied by many other car manufacturers.

Porsche 996 turbo booklet

Step inside and drivers experienced an entirely new and communicative cockpit. Driving comfort now also played a greater role alongside the typical sporty characteristics. With the Porsche 996 model, Porsche introduced a number of variants and brought to market a true rival to Italian supercars at the time.

Porsche 996 turbo side view

The 911 GT3 became one of the highlights of the model range in 1999, keeping the tradition of the Carrera RS alive. The 911 GT2, the first car equipped with ceramic brakes as standard, was marketed as an extreme sports vehicle starting in the later half of 2000.

Meanwhile the starter Porsche 996 is a refined grand tourer and the Turbo version like this unit for sale, which offers 0-60mph acceleration time in just four seconds and a 190mph top speed is the 996 to own. Having said that, all 911s provide mind-blowing performance and sublime handling.

The 996 Turbo remains among the most desirable sports cars on the used market today. Evergreen stylish design plus excellent handling and build quality all add up to make the Porsche one of the slowest-depreciating models you can buy.

Used Turbo versions are hard to come by. The Targa versions are less popular than convertibles or coupés, so they are much cheaper, but not necessarily better. The more desirable 996 Turbo is slowly rising in value.

Remember, this 996 Turbo is holding its used value against other Porsche models like the Panamera sports sedan and Cayenne SUV. It is also fuel-efficient given its sensational performance, and servicing this supercar is almost on par with a BMW sedan.

Registered and Manufactured in 2001, this is a ‘Kereta Import Baru’ which increases its value. The engine is a 3.6 Liter Turbo-Charged Flat Six Water Cooled unit paired with 5-speed Tiptronic Gearbox.

Genuine Low Mileage of only 101,000km. Asking Price is RM248,000 Nett. For more information, please contact 012-3796671.

Porsche 996 turbo used

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