PERODUA ALZA Wins Prestigious MITI Design Award

The design team at PERODUA celebrate their ALZA success

The management of this Malaysian super popular family car company is thrilled to announce that PERODUA has received a prestigious recognition in the form of the Malaysia Good Design Award from MITI under the auspices of the Malaysia Design Council (MRM) for the All-New Alza model just this week.

Perodua Design

This is a significant achievement for the people behind the project as PERODUA is the only automotive brand to receive the award this year.

The awards ceremony, which included the presentation of the Malaysia Good Design Award (MGDA) 2022 and Certified Industrial Designer (CIDe) certifications, was officiated by YBhg. Datuk Seri Isham Ishak, the Secretary-General of MITI.

This recognition reflects PERODUA’s commitment to delivering innovative and well-designed products to their customers and more importantly, as the best price point.

So, why did the Alza win this design award?

To start, this is a family 7-seat vehicle with handsome looks from the nose to tail. Slim headlights and a strong imposing grille adds to its flavour.

From the side, it looks very purposeful and with a tight shoulder line that extends the length of the Alza.

Then the all new Alza has had very impressive bookings since its launch and current booking announcement for the Alza has put the waiting list to between 3 and 6 months.

Now, this all new Alza has an asking price from RM62k to RM75k which is not that much more from the first launch price 14 years ago. Then, the Alza 1.5L was priced from RM58k (automatic) to RM64k (premium automatic).

This seven-seater MPV has been redesigned from the ground up with a whole new platform, a radically different design. Both the H and AV models receive matrix LED headlights, which uses several diodes for the high beams.

This enables the Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) function, which uses the windscreen camera to detect oncoming vehicles and turn off individual LEDs to block off certain parts of the high beams. This feature, first seen on the Ativa, allows the high beams to be turned on at all times without blinding other motorists.

Also lifted from the Ativa are the sequential LED indicators that create a pleasing scrolling effect when signalling left or right.



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