Mugen Spices Up The FL5 Civic Type R With A Massive Rear Wing

That big wing is also just the most brash aero add on that Mugen offers with the new Civic Type R too. 

To those hankering for the wilder looks of its predecessor with the current-gen Civic Type R, Mugen might just have the bits for you. Such is because the Japanese tuning company has recently showcased a bunch of new mods for this latest and greatest Honda hot hatch, with the headline act being its massive rear wing!

Now this look-at-me rear wing comes featuring carbon fibre end-plates and is actually adjustable too (albeit manually), but what is perhaps most interesting regarding this table top on the CTR’s rump is for Mugen to recommend it be paired with its new front chin spoiler. This is as the installation of both supposedly optimises the downforce balance with this Honda hot hatch.

Other associated aero add-ons from Mugen meanwhile for the CTR includes front bumper corner intake garnishes, side sill extensions, in addition to a under spoiler to complement its standard rear diffuser. As a complete package, Mugen is claiming for these bits to net an increase in downforce by a rather substantial 25%.  

Aside from the aero add-ons, Mugen has also brought to the table a set of 19-inch alloy wheels. Developed in collaboration with BBS, these forged aluminium lightweight rollers are quoted to be 2.5 kg lighter than the stock units found on the CTR, with the Japanese tuner further adding a little bit of racing flair to it by making available the option of race-spec wheel nuts. 

More legitimately race-spec however will likely be the upgraded dampers the Japanese automaker has developed for the CTR. Oh, and there are to apparently be a pair of performance brake pad options that Mugen is offering as part of its plethora of mods as well, with one for sport use and one for full-on racing.

Moving on within, the CTR’s centre console has been spiced up by Mugen with the inclusion of a carbon fibre trim piece and an Alcantara shift knob. Branded floor mats also make an appearance, though more impressive are to perhaps be the branded Recaro bucket seats. 

What more is that Mugen has stated that in the works currently is a new carbon fibre steering wheel for the CTR, in addition to the special LED taillights and single-exit sports exhaust that are hinted at by these images here. Unfortunately however, the Japanese tuning firm has yet to confirm when exactly will these mods be making it to the market. 

In fact, it is perhaps worth highlighting that most of these mods aren’t technically for sale just yet. The upgraded brake pads and lightweight wheels for instance only arrives in July and August respectively, while that massive rear spoiler will not be available till September. 

Moreover, these aforementioned Mugen mods don’t exactly come cheap too. The Alcantara shift knob that costs ¥22,000 (RM 670) is to be the cheapest item on offer, with each wheel and wing alone going for ¥176,000 (RM 5,400) and ¥308,000 (RM 9,400) respectively. 

And just as an aside here, if these mods might seem familiar, this is because Mugen has showcased a few of these before in a preview of how it might tune this Honda hot hatch back at Tokyo Auto Salon in January last year.

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