Did You Know Isuzu Has Its Own Line Of Rather Cute Wallpapers?

Add a bit of whimsy to one’s screen with some rather cute wallpapers courtesy of all people, Isuzu. 

Say the name Isuzu and the first thoughts will probably be of its butch D-Max pickup and MU-X SUV derivative, or perhaps its line of dependable commercial vehicles, or for those with a penchant of quirky Japanese sports cars — the cool Piazza coupe. Whatever the case may be, the word cute however is probably not the vocabulary that many will associate with this particular Japanese automaker. 

That is though until you get to Isuzu’s media site, as amid all the dry press releases about corporate changes and product information is a rather nondescript tab labeled ‘Desktop Calendars/Wallpapers’. And clicking into it reveals some downloadable jpeg wallpapers and digital calendars, where the only word to describe most of them at least is none other than: cute!

Apparently going on from some time now — given that there are wallpapers that date back to 2008 — these wallpapers are uploaded by Isuzu at a bimonthly rate, making six designs per year. These wallpapers are also apparently first uploaded with a tiny calendar somewhere within the picture for the coming two months ahead, with somebody at company then taking the time to upload a version without the calendar once the next bimonthly edition is up online, in order to cleverly allow those who have grown fond of a particular design to still keep on using it. 

Each year of these digital calendar wallpapers expectedly has a theme, with the most recent one for 2024 being termed the Wood Truck Series. This hence sees for the March/April calendar being placed next to a bento box with cutesy wooden Isuzu toy trucks around it. Kawaii, ain’t it?

Now admittedly, the theming of some years are more whimsical than the rest. The 2021 version that features a green toy truck version of first-gen Elf is after all that little bit more endearing than the 2012 iteration that looks like the front page of a brochure, or the 2023 wallpapers that showcases the history of the Elf truck. 

And just to inject a personal recommendation here, the six designs from 2018 is probably the best in terms of whimsical cuteness. Alternately, the brightly coloured wallpapers from 2022 also injects a bit of child-like playfulness to what is a company that basically makes the butchest of vehicles. 

The full collection of these Isuzu wallpapers are available for one’s perusal and download (in what is admittedly a curiously small 1920×1080 or 1366×760 format) through the link here. Go and soak up the cuteness!

Joshua Chin

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