Why Motorcycles, Big And Small Park All Over The Place

There are 6 good reasons why motorcycles are parked in places that upset many car drivers.

Yes, we see it almost every day in urban areas and we have many people on Facebook making a big issue about it. Plus, there has been an increase in the number of small bikes and scooters on our roads in the past 18 months.

Motorcycles Parking Issue

So, we decided to put on our motorcycle helmet and look at the situation from the eyes of the biker.

Town councils like the MBPJ in Petaling Jaya have spent quite a bit of money to get bike parking bays installed in prime locations and even in neighborhood parks to prevent indiscriminate parking by motorcycle riders, big and small.

Motorcycles Parking Issue

However, this effort, according to car drivers, is not working as they continue to see bikers parking in their car park lots, which prevents them from parking their cars in crowded urban areas.

Motorcycles Parking Issue

So, since we started biking with our compact Vespa scooter we have seen and understood why big bikers park in weird locations.

Here are 6 reasons we would like to share with car drivers to have them better understand the situation facing big bikers and also small bikers.

Motorcycles Parking Issue

  1. Bike parking lots are ALL in a standard size that allows only kap-chais or small bikes to fit. Bike bikes will not fit. Even some new scooters today are wide like superbikes.
  2. Big bikes are wide and riders need space to get on and off, so they will need almost 3 standard bike parking spaces. Imagine car park lots were measured to fit only a Perodua Axia compact car and you drive an Alphard MPV, you will need almost two car park lots, right?

Motorcycles Parking Issue

  1. There are so many bike riders on the move right now and finding a parking spot is difficult in urban and office areas. Even we have problem finding parking for our scooter when we go into a crowded office area.
  2. Many delivery riders are rushing to earn money and they tend to park their bikes without thinking about other bikers. Even with my small scooter, we some times can’t leave and need to wait for them to move their motorcycles. Sigh.

Motorcycles Parking Issue

  1. If your motorcycle is an all terrain model, like this one in the main picture, you need space to move your bike in and out of a parking space. It is heavy and you do not want it falling on other smaller bikes and starting a domino effect.
  2. Many older office buildings do not have parking space for motorcycles. So, where should we park?

Motorcycles Parking Issue

We hope that some car drivers will read this and understand the issues that hamper proper parking of large motorcycles and also small scooters like ours. Yes, we also have issues.

Meanwhile, there are many motorcyclists who assume that because their vehicle is smaller, it does not bother many people while it is on the sidewalk and they will also annoy car drivers by taking up a whole parking spot.

The truth is, no matter where you park your motorcycle, people are going to be mad about it so you might as well do it legally and not risk getting a town council or police parking ticket.

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