Mitsubishi Malaysia Goes Digital With New Online Showroom

Shopping for a new Mitsubishi has never been easier thanks to this new digital sales platform. 

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has recently launched a new online showroom. Intended to provide a ‘digitally enhanced experienced for customers to research or to purchase’ their own tri-diamond branded car, this new digital platform will supposedly offer all the fundamental features available to the customer at a traditional physical showroom. 

As with any online showroom offered by the increasing number of marques these days, the MMM online showroom too offers a detailed view of the car the customer is interested in courtesy of a 360º Virtual Showroom. To add to the detailed surround view of the car, there are also handy interactive icons that highlight the key features and provide additional information regarding the Mitsubishi in question, much like what a salesperson would provide during a physical showroom visit. 

Speaking of showroom visits, once satisfied having dug deeper into the Mitsubishi in question, customers can now request to test drive their prospective purchase ‘from the comfort of their homes’ through MMM’s Test Drive 2U service. Having launched last year as a standalone feature that has since been incorporated into this online showroom platform, this pioneering service locally enables customers to request for an authorised dealer to bring the car that they wish to test drive in question to their preferred location, as opposed to having the customer go to the dealership to request a test drive instead.

Moving onto the purchasing phase, MMM’s online showroom also allows prospective buyers to place a booking for their Mitsubishi through the site. Much like any other digital showroom however, customers may still have to pay a visit to the physical dealership in order to finalise the legal and financial details that related to the final purchase process. 

Mitsubishi 3S

On the subject of the final purchase process, MMM has nevertheless taken one more step of this phase online with its new Online Trade In Assist. Collaborating with MyTukar, customers who are interested in trading in their existing vehicles for a new Mitsubishi can now do so through the online showroom. Furthermore, there is now also a special trade-in promotion for customers who opt to do this phase digitally. 

Now while this new online showroom may appeal more towards prospective Malaysian Mitsubishi buyers, existing owners of the Japanese marque over here have been treated to something digital too courtesy of MMM’s new Mitsubishi Connect mobile application. Touted to offer a range of ‘vehicle-related digital services’, this new smartphone application will enable existing owners to easily schedule service appointments with their preferred authorised service centre, keep track of their vehicle’s maintenance history and get reminders as to when their car’s need to be serviced. 

The Mitsubishi Online Showroom can be found by clicking this link here. The Mitsubishi Connect app meanwhile can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 


PRESS RELEASE: MITSUBISHI MOTORS MALAYSIA (MMM), the official distributor of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, has launched an online showroom today. The brand’s first online showroom is dedicated to meet customer’s demands by providing a digitally enhanced experience for customers to research or to purchase a Mitsubishi car online. 

The Mitsubishi Online Showroom may be found here 

Faced by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, MMM rose to continuously innovate in order to improve customer’s purchasing journey by leveraging on technology enhancement. The Mitsubishi online showroom has narrowed-down to these fundamental processes from a traditional to a digital car-purchasing journey: 

Traditional Purchase Journey Mitsubishi Online Showroom
Vehicle Viewing 360’ Virtual Showroom
Test Drive at Showroom Test Drive 2U
Booking at Showroom Online Booking Assist
Trade-in At Used Car Dealer Online Trade In Assist

360’ Virtual Showroom

The Mitsubishi online showroom offers a 360-degree view of the car’s exterior and interior, as well as allows customers to zoom in and out and navigate in every direction. Each of the Mitsubishi vehicles on display has a clickable interactive button to instantly show more information about the car and its key features. Besides a 360-degree view, the online showroom also comes with a gallery which showcases more images of the vehicles at various angles. 

Test Drive 2U

MMM’s first-ever TEST DRIVE 2U online service which was launched since May 2020, allows customers to test drive a Mitsubishi car from the comfort of their homes. Customers who wish to test drive a Mitsubishi vehicle, may request for the same peace-of-mind test drive experience via the online showroom as well. Customers may follow a few simple steps in the online showroom page for an authorized dealer to bring the selected Mitsubishi car to the preferred location. 

Booking Assist

For customers who wish to book a Mitsubishi car but is apprehensive to go to the showrooms, they may opt to continue their purchase journey online by submitting a booking request form on the online showroom’s website. Thereafter, MMM authorized dealers will contact the customer to assist them further on their bookings from loan to insurance application. 

Trade-in Assist

MMM collaborates with MyTukar, a leading online used car market place in Malaysia to offer special trade in promotion for Mitsubishi customers who trade in their car via the Mitsubishi online showroom. 

Customer who are interested to trade-in their vehicles, may submit a trade-in assist form online. There, customers will have the option to request for the car inspection, handover, transfer of ownership and the collection of the sold car to be done at any of the customer’s preferred location to the customer’s convenience. 

Mitsubishi Triton Pickup Truck

“In the past year, we’ve seen an unpredictable level of change, because of the new normal and the need to maintain social distancing. The launch of Mitsubishi online showroom is a strong example of MMM’s commitment to deliver a more human-centric experience by encompassing a holistic approach across three key organizational pillars: people, process and technology,” said Tomoyuki Shinnishi, Chief Executive Officer of MMM.

He added, “We have always believed in creating a walk-through experience and this online showroom is an extension from getting to know the product, test-drive at customer’s convenience, and communication with the dealer to finalize the purchase journey. We want to offer our customers a safe purchase of their Mitsubishi model without the need of leaving their homes.” 

The company have also introduced the MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile application as a continuation of after sales service through a digital platform. The mobile app offers a range of vehicle-related digital services, allowing Mitsubishi owners the convenience of scheduling a service appointment with their preferred MMM service centres, keep track of vehicle maintenance history and get reminders for their next car service in an easy and hassle-free manner. 

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