All-New Mercedes S-Class To Come With Up To Six Screens

The Mercedes Benz S-class has always been in the forefront of innovation in the automotive world. This luxury limo was the production car first car in the world to come with ABS, airbags, sat-nav; and that innovative streak continues in this latest 2020 model. 

This time however, the pioneering feature in the world’s best luxury sedan that is setting the automotive world alight is not any innovative safety feature or drivetrain revolution, but instead the sheer amount of screens in the car. 

Poised to be the most connected, screen-heavy vehicle in the world, the new S-class is set to feature up to six screens within the 4 or 5 seater cabin. The star of the show being the new central 12.8 inch portrait touch screen dominating the dash design, that comes with an optional OLED display for even crisper visuals. 

Standard in the new S-class too is a LCD digital driver’s display; now with Spatial View that Mercedes claims is essentially 3D without 3D glasses. And if that wasn’t enough for the driver, there is an option for a heads-up display, that brings with it augmented reality navigation functions. 

Rear passengers meanwhile can enjoy up to three screens consisting of the same functionality as the screens up-front, with even the possibility of sharing content between screens within the vehicle. 

It isn’t just all screen and no tech though. As part of the new generation MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience), this all-new S-class is set to feature improvements on its “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant software, that is now capable of answering more nuanced commands in more languages. There is also a multitude of ways to control the screens, ranging from improved touch and gesture controls to a new gaze control feature. 

Owners of the new S-class can also set their preferred interior settings via the Mercedes Me profile, and await new updates over the air, something increasingly common in this connected world. 

There is also a new Interior Assist feature, which consist of several cameras embedded in the overhead control panel, constantly monitoring the occupants of the luxury limo and act on “the wishes and intentions of the occupants”. A simple example will be when the driver is looking over their shoulder at the right rear window, the blind on that side will roll down. 

Some might disagree with Mercedes’ claim of removing 27 mechanical switches as an improvement. Happily though, the climate control features are permanently shown on the bottom of the giant central infotainment screen, and it has come to that point in the future where there is actually a need to mention that traditional wiper and indicator stalks are still present in this latest generation luxury sedan. 

While on this topic, just a little food for thought. We aren’t allowed to play with our mobile devices while driving, yet we can fiddle around with this massive touch panel that is more confusing and constantly present. 

The new Mercedes S-class will be launching in September. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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