Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Coming To Malaysia

This all new Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle is arriving very soon and it is called the EQE SUV.

This brand new model might confuse you a little, yes there is already the EQS SUV, which is a little larger than this EQE and then there is the EQB and also EQA SUV’s which is slightly smaller than this EQE.

So, this EQE is more like a MPV version of the EQE executive saloon. Like the latter, it is available with the essential innovations of the EQS and at the same time is more dynamic than the EQS SUV.

The EQE SUV is one of the most spacious representatives of its class. Yet it is more compact than the EQE Saloon and, at 3030 millimetres, has a wheelbase that is nine centimetres shorter. The external dimensions are 4863/1940/1686 millimetres (length/width/height).

The chassis of the new EQE SUV comprises a four-link suspension at the front and an independent multi-link suspension at the rear. Due to the comparatively short wheelbase of 3030 millimetres and the corresponding suspension tuning, it feels particularly agile and manoeuvrable even with the basic set-up.

The AIRMATIC air suspension with ADS+ continuously adjustable damping is available as an optional extra. To increase ground clearance, the vehicle level can be raised by up to 30 millimetres.

In addition to the DYNAMIC SELECT programs of ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and INDIVIDUAL, the EQE SUV models with 4MATIC also boast the OFFROAD program for off-road driving. A rear axle steering system with a maximum steering angle of 10 degrees is available as an option.

The EQE SUV will offer the possibility of activating additional vehicle functions via over-the-air technology (OTA) in a number of functional areas. This means that after purchase and having chosen the original new car configuration, some of the EQE SUV’s equipment can be individually customised.

The OTA functions are available in the Mercedes me Store, and the range will be successively expanded.

Subject to final certification, Mercedes-Benz expects the EQE SUV battery usable capacity to be in a similar range as the EQE sedan data.

The innovative battery management software, which was developed in-house, allows updates over the air (OTA). In this way, the energy management of the EQE SUV remains up-to-date throughout its entire service life.

Mercedes EQE SUV

Battery development is a decisive factor in Mercedes-Benz’s electrification strategy. After all, the battery is the heart of an electric car and makes a decisive contribution to, among other things, the range and thus the driving characteristics of the electric vehicle.

With the EQS, a new generation of batteries with significantly higher energy density has been launched, from which the EQE SUV now also benefits. The new batteries set standards in terms of performance, efficiency and charging capacity.

They also meet the high Mercedes requirements in terms of safety, durability and sustainability. Mercedes-Benz issues a battery warranty for its high-voltage batteries, and thus a performance guarantee to customers: 10 years or a mileage of 155,000 miles with a defined residual capacity.

Comprehensive battery expertise

A team of experts at the Mercedes-Benz Battery Competence Center developed the highly efficient batteries entirely in-house. The software of the intelligent control system was also developed and programmed in the company.

A lithium-ion battery with ten cell modules is installed in the EQE SUV. This generation of batteries takes a big step towards the sustainability of cell chemistry: the optimized active material consists of nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8:1:1.

This has reduced the cobalt content to less than ten percent. The continuous optimization of the recyclability is part of Mercedes-Benz’s holistic battery strategy. The aim is to be able to dispense entirely with materials such as cobalt through the use of innovative post-lithium-ion technologies.

Intelligent operating strategy

The battery is integrated into the EQE SUV’s intelligent thermal management system with heat pump as standard. If the intelligent Navigation with Electric Intelligence is activated, the battery is preheated or cooled as needed while driving.

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Reveals Higher Density Battery

As a result, the temperature at the charging point is in an optimal range for efficient charging. The desired temperature range of the battery is achieved with the aid of the cooling circuit and a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) booster heater integrated into it.

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