Warning! Airbag Recall For Mercedes-Benz Cars

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is conducting a safety airbag recall for certain models equipped with Takata airbags.

Mercedes airbag recall

Looks like there are a large number of reconditioned AP imported Mercedes-Benz owners who will be biting their finger-nails wondering when their recon Benz airbag will fail them. Why? Well, their used recon cars are not covered by an official recall from the manufacturer as their AP importer will need to do this airbag recall.

Well, we all know that AP importers just sell cars and have no warranty, service or recall program for the many customers.

So, these owners will need to ‘pay out of their own pocket’ for their airbags to be replaced.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is conducting a safety recall of potentially affected Takata airbag modules from specific models in compliance with the European type approval. This measure serves to ensure customers’ safety and gain a deeper understanding of the condition of airbags modules in the vehicle after a prolonged period.

Mercedes airbag recall

The safety of our customers is our top priority. In mid 2019, we have decided to execute a worldwide recall of the affected models of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and MB Trucks.

We continue to work closely together with the authorities and Joyson Safety Systems (successor organization Takata) to exchange latest findings and insights.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Daimler AG reassures its customers that all presently produced MB Passenger Cars are no longer equipped with Takata (or other manufacturers’) airbags which base on ammonium nitrate as the primary propellant.

Mercedes takata airbag recall

The company will continue to uphold transparency and stringent quality controls as customer safety is the highest priority at all times.

Locally, passenger cars across a variety of model platforms, including the 169 (A-Class), 203, 204 (C-Class), X204 (GLK), 207 (E-Coupé/ Convertible), 212 (E-Class), 164 (ML- and GL-Class), 251 (R-Class), 171 (SLK), 197 (SLS AMG) from production period 2004 – 2016 have been identified as models covered under this program.

Mercedes airbag recall 2021

All affected Mercedes-Benz owners can check their vehicle VIN on the Mercedes-Benz microsite or by calling our Customer Care Centre 1-800-88-1133 to confirm if their car has been identified for this voluntary monitoring program.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia urges all affected customers to contact your Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers, our Customer Care Centre or use our online booking facility upon the receipt of the notification to replace the airbag, subject to parts availability.

Mercedes airbag recall Malaysia

Authorized Mercedes-Benz Malaysian Customers will also be updated online and offered a new replacement airbag, free of charge should their airbag be affected.

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