Mercedes-AMG Goes Turbo-Four Instead Of V8 With Its Base GT

This base-spec Mercedes-AMG GT nevertheless still sends a rather healthy 415 hp to its rear wheels.

With the likes of the Ford Mustang Ecoboost and Jaguar F-Type P300, it isn’t exactly like the world is new to the concept of a four-cylinder sports car. Though when Mercedes-AMG does it, the automotive fraternity acts like it is some kind of hell spawn has graced their pure land.

But is this newly-unveiled Mercedes-AMG GT 43 really deserved of such scorn from its V8-or-bust AMG fans? Well, not really actually. 

Before elaborating a little more on that answer though, let’s instead talk facts and figures first. And starting with the aforementioned engine, the GT 43 packs the same technological masterpiece of a turbocharged four-pot that first made its debut in the A45 S hyper hatch. 

Having inherited the Formula 1-derived electric exhaust gas turbocharger too from the SL 43, this four-pot in the GT 43 pumps out a more-than-respectable 421 PS and 500 Nm of torque. What more also is that thanks to a mild-hybrid setup, there is an additional (albeit temporary) boost in power of 14 hp to be had as well. 

Unfortunately however, it has to be said that even with this impressive power figure, this four-pot GT is actually only as fast as a contemporary Volkswagen Golf R. Though its claimed 4.6 second century sprint isn’t exactly slow in any sense of the word, nor is actually its 280 km/h top speed. 

Best of all too is that while its other V8 siblings (and the Golf R for that matter) are all four-wheel drive, all 415 stout ponies from the four-pot is to be sent through its 9-speed dual-clutch transmission to only its rear wheels. So while certainly not the straight-line speedster some to mistakenly believe from its sleek silhouette, it should nevertheless be as maddeningly fun round the corners, when its tail inevitably comes loose.  

Now just continuing a little more regarding its aforementioned sleek silhouette, it is perhaps worth highlighting that this Mercedes-AMG GT 43 is to be that little bit more so than its other V8-engined siblings. Such is as not only does this four-pot coupe have a narrower track than its eight-cylinder counterparts, it also nets a smoother face and rump, with the side gills and fixed spoiler removed from both ends. 

Moving on inside meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG GT 43 features the usual 12.3-inch digital instrument and 11.9-inch touchscreen for the MBUX infotainment. The standard AMG sports seats are upholstered in Nappa leather, but customers can also option AMG Performance seats, as well as two extra seats behind to go along with its standard two-seat configuration.

And finally returning to elaborate on how the Mercedes-AMG GT 43 shouldn’t really deserve the snide remarks it is currently getting, it mainly comes back to how it isn’t to be the only available hot engine option for this coupe. Such is because, as alluded to previously, there still exists the full-fat V8s for those who want it, while this base 2.0-litre trim could still serve its purpose as an attainable dream for those to who live in regions where road tax is based on engine capacity…

That said, attainable is rather relative, as while expected to be a chunk cheaper than the current bottom-rung V8 GT 53 variant, this new Mercedes-AMG GT 43 will likely still cost a pretty penny when it eventually arrives in showrooms worldwide later this year. 

Joshua Chin

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