Isuzu Previews D-Max BEV Concept Ahead Of 2025 Debut

Production versions of this battery-electric Isuzu D-Max will first land in Europe, before debuting globally. 

While there are to already be a surprising amount of choice for those in the market for a full-sized fully-electric pickup, something slightly smaller however is still to be rather elusive. Though things might soon change, as Isuzu is apparently planning to launch an BEV variant of its popular D-Max as soon as next year.  

Previewed for now in its virtual concept form before its IRL debut at the upcoming 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, this first-ever battery electric vehicle from Isuzu is set to land in production from first in select mainland Europe markets such as Norway in 2025, before being be rolled out to the UK, Australia, Thailand, and other countries based on market needs and the maturity of EV charging infrastructure.

Now in terms of technical details for this upcoming all-electric D-Max, Isuzu has touted for the propulsion of this e-pickup comes courtesy of a full-time 4×4 drive system with a combined maximum power and torque output of 130 kW and 325 Nm. Said total figure is derived from its beefier rear motor producing 90 kW and 217 Nm of torque, while the slightly weaker front unit pumps out 40 kW and 108 Nm of torque. 

As for what powers these new e-Axles meanwhile, the D-Max BEV uses the 66.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and management system from Isuzu’s Elf. A range figure and its charging capabilities has yet to be provided for this e-pickup, though what was released in its place is for this e-pickup to match its diesel counterpart with a maximum payload and towing capacity of 1,000 kg and 3,500 kg respectively. 

Similarly, Isuzu has yet to reveal with this virtual preview what has changed within the D-Max BEV relative to its oil-burning siblings. The exterior visuals provided nevertheless hints for this e-pickup to be visually distinctive from its fuel-drinking stablemates by way of a closed-off-front grille, which is topped off some light blue accents stretching into its headlights.

While not stated in the official release, rumours is for this D-Max BEV to be built in Thailand for export worldwide. So there is a rather high chance after all for this particular all-electric Isuzu to land locally rather soon after its international unveiling. 

One final small amusing side note too regarding this e-pickup, among all the skint details provided with this concept, Isuzu has gone out of its way to quote a top speed of this workhorse at 130 km/h. Because that is of course the one bit of information everyone is dying to know with this such a vehicle…

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