Ferrari F430 Slides Into Ditch During Rainy Accident

Even a Ferrari may not get you out of trouble in the wet. 

News has just reached us that there was an accident involving a several cars, including what seems to be a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, that occurred on the PLUS Highway on a rainy afternoon. 

There has been no official reports of the accident but sources reported that this accident occurred on the northbound Bukit Tagar exit on this interstate highway. There has been no information as to the condition of the victims at time of writing. 

Judging from the pictures, the multi-vehicle accident appears to involve a black Toyota Alphard, a silver Perodua Alza, a blue Perodua Myvi and the aforementioned red Ferrari F430. The Alphard appears to have only sustained light damage due to a rear-end impact with the silver Alza, which sustained severe frontal damage. 

The Ferrari meanwhile ended up skidding off the road into the ditch by the side of the highway. Apart from the fact that it is off the road and in a ditch, with the rear wheels in a storm drain, the F430 only appears to sustain light frontal damage. Not including of course the thousands of ringgit of damage to the underside of this Italian supercar. 

Worst off in this accident would probably be the blue Myvi that lays on its side in the ditch between the crash sites of the Ferrari and the silver Alza. Frontal damage is evident on the Myvi. However, damage on the roof concludes that the Myvi may also have rolled at least once before landing on its right side.

Curiously though, the rear of the Myvi looks to be pristine, drawing to a conclusion that the Ferrari may not have hit the Myvi in the first place and just bailed in the ditch before a collision could take place. 

A quick look at the map shows that the area where the accident occurred is quite a twisty section of highway, which when combined with the wet weather is a recipe for vehicular mayhem. So the takeaway here could be that driving under wet weather conditions is a completely different ballgame to when driving in the dry. Less grip demands a slower driving pace, regardless of how good your driving prowess or how grippy your tires are. 

Better to be slow and steady than to end up in a ditch with a massive repair bill. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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