Are We Having TOO Many Sub-Standard Auto Shows In 2023

This year there have been a few Sub-Standard shows and more are coming

It is probably the best way to make money, we have been told and being sub-standard increases the profits even more. So, automotive shows and bike shows like any other exhibition is a great way to make money.

We have seen how the home renovation exhibition, baby expo, property exhibition and even better is anything with the word ‘EV’ (electric vehicle) in its title makes for a great crowd attraction right now in Klang Valley.

Meanwhile, Malaysians love to visit exhibitions and shows, whether they are buying, window shopping for the future or just browsing and these show/exhibition organizers ONLY NEED to get one or two crowd pulling items to get mass attention.

art of speed

We have attended a few this year (2023) and only the Art Of Speed at MEAPS (pictured above) and the EVX at Setia City Convention Centre (pictured below) delivered as promised while the rest used ‘bait’ in their advertising and media engagement to attract the attention of Malaysians who end up paying a high entrance fee to see 90 percent of cars that have already been shown in earlier shows and with bike shows, you get about 75 percent of motorcycles already displayed at earlier shows.

Mercedes EQE EV

Last weekend there was a disappointing show (as we read the many social media disappointing reviews) and this coming month we have another automotive show that promises ‘really nothing new’ except a few cars that have been loaned by a private collector to ‘bait’ visitors into parting with their hard earned money.

Paying the high venue parking fee and the high entrance fee combined seems like such a waste of money and even more disappointing is the fact that our infamous Malaysian Automotive Agency (known for years for its corrupt and MACC charged former leader) is endorsing these shows and similar shows year in and year out.

Malaysians are already feeling a tight economic situation and now with attractions that offer very little and take a lot at the entrance seems like ‘get rich scheme’ that is no better than a scammer taking your money by cellphone.

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