Zeekr Cars Malaysia Launched In Hyatt KL Today Morning

Zeekr Cars Malaysia arrives right after Thailand and Indonesia

Zeekr Cars Malaysia made its official presence in Malaysia this morning at the Hyatt Hotel with all its new and potential partners present. This is now confirmation that Zeekr will start selling very soon in Malaysia right after the big introduction earlier this month in Indonesia.

This news comes as Zeekr starts producing right hand drive electric vehicle for the Asia Pacific region earlier this year.

Earlier this year, in March 2024, Zeekr started taking pre-orders in Thailand for the Zeekr X urban SUV and the much talked about Zeekr 009 MPV.
Zeekr Cars Malaysia

Both Zeekr vehicles come in response to growing customer demands for premium smart electric vehicles in the Southeast Asian market.

In the official press release from Zeekr Global it says that Thailand will cooperate with multiple leading auto dealers to expand in the Thailand market. It continues to say that Zeekr plans to open its first store in Thailand in Bangkok this year and gradually expand sales and service network in cities including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and others.

To provide the premium user experiences to Zeekr customers in Thailand, Zeekr has partnered with the most trusted local public EV charging service providers to offer easy and comfortable charging experience.

In the same press release, Zeekr Global mentions that they have previously announced sales plans for Southeast Asian markets including Singapore, the Philippines, Laos and Myanmar but there is NO MENTION of a Malaysian introduction.

We wonder why. Anyway, now we have confirmation that Zeekr Malaysia is ready and looks like it will be another rival for the already highly competitive premium EV segment in Malaysia.

In case you were wondering, The ZEEKR 009 MPV has three rows in a 2+2+2 configuration however, a VIP version with only two rows in a 2+2 configuration is also available. This MPV is built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), the same platform underpinning the Lotus Eletre and soon the Polestar 5. The possible selling price in Malaysia will be about RM355,000 to RM399,000 (just a rough estimation which includes logistics and margins)

Now, the Zeekr X SUV is the third vehicle under the Zeekr brand and it is is pretty much similar in size to the smart#1 electric car. The possible selling price in Malaysia will be about RM145,000 to RM159,000 (just a rough estimation which includes logistics and margins)

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