2nd-Gen Lexus LM Now Open For Bookings From RM 1.23 Million

This new iteration of Luxury Mover from Lexus arrives in Malaysia with two hybrid trims available. 

Following on from the first iteration that launched over here back during the height of Covid in 2021, Lexus has recently announced that it has since swung open the order books for its 2nd generation LM in Malaysia. And cutting right to the chase here, there will be two variants of this Luxury Mover available locally: the LM350h from RM 1.228 million and the LM500h for RM 1.468 million. 

So now then, what does one get for spending more than a million ringgit on what is essentially a tarted up Alphard? Well from the outside at least, Lexus has given the LM all-new sheet metal for a radically different look to its (comparatively) more plebeian Toyota sibling. 

Sure, both Japanese minivans still share much the same boxy general silhouette. Lexus however has strayed from highly-chromed brash snout of the Alphard, and opted instead to have the LM’s face be framed by a Frameless Spindle Body front grille flanked by 3-Beam LED Projector Headlamps (which incidentally make it look somewhat like a restrained Hannibal Lecter from the front).  

Visually distinguishing the LM from the Alphard too down its profile is for the former to feature distinct step-down in its window line aft of its B-pillar, in place of the upwards kink in the latter, as well as a body-coloured D-pillar fin that hangs down from its roof. This Luxury Mover also wears 19-inch noise-reducing multi-spoke mesh aluminium alloy wheels on all four corners, with a U-shaped full-width light bar round its rump (that in combination with its trapezoidal number plate recess gives its rear the face of a disapproving robot). 

Moving on to what lies underneath the skin of this LM meanwhile, it should go without saying that this Lexus does indeed share much the same underpinnings as its Alphard and Vellfire platform-mates. Elevating this Luxury Mover though in the luxury department is for it to feature adaptive dampers with frequency-selective valving, with there even being a selectable Rear Comfort drive mode that further reduces any vibrations within the cabin. 

Lexus has also fitted the LM with active noise cancellation technology removing any residual noise as well, but engine noise will nevertheless inherently be rather minimal with this premium people mover. Such is as unlike its Toyota counterparts (that are officially available here anyway) and as the ‘h’ in its variant names hint at, this Luxury Mover is only to be sold locally with a selection of self-charging hybrid powertrains. 

More specifically, LM350h nets Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, that sees for a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated four cylinder be paired with a pair of electric motors through an eCVT. This setup results in a reasonable combined 250 PS be sent through solely its front wheels, for a decently spritely century sprint time of 9.1 seconds and decently efficient 5.5 l/100 km fuel consumption rating.  

As for the LM500h on the other hand, the variant of Luxury Mover instead shares the same parallel-hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain as in the RX500h, which sees for a 2.4-litre turbo four-pot be paired with an electric motor and six-speed auto ‘box. Combined power and torque output for this system is rated at 371 PS and 550 Nm, with Lexus further quoting for a(n impressive for a minivan) 6.9 second century sprint and 6.6 l/100 km fuel consumption.


Turning towards what is perhaps most important with this LM, among the novel features Lexus wishes to highlight in the leather-lined cabins are its Yabane herringbone matte wood trim, twin glass roof panels, magnesium folding tables with leather surfaces and powered sunshades on all of its rear windows. Four-zone climate control is also of course standard to keep all its occupants comfortable at their desired temperature, with the rear passengers in both variants being afforded too with their own hand-held (and suspiciously iPhone-shaped) multi-operation panels, for easy control of cabin functions such as air-conditioning, as well as seat posture and lighting. 

What is nevertheless OTT in the LM500h at least is for it to also feature infrared sensors aimed at the two rear passengers, identifying the temperature of four specific body areas (face, chest and upper and lower legs) and adjusting the air-conditioning to suit. This particular premium spec of Lexus also nets an 48-inch Ultrawide Display (with dual screen function) mounted on its standard partition between the front and rear rows in place of the ceiling-mounted 14-inch monitor in the LM350h. 

There is also the standard inclusion of a fridge located in the centre stack between the two rear seats of this top-spec LM, with there being an umbrella holder on either side of it. Oh, and both those aforementioned rear thrones in this premium people carrier are of course fully reclinable, with it featuring an ottoman and heating, ventilation as well as massage functionality too. 


Finally just touching a bit on the tech toys up front, the chauffeur will have a 12.3-inch digital instrument display and a 14-inch central touchscreen (with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android auto integration to keep them company. If their clients opted for the higher-end LM500h too, they’ll also benefit from a built-in thermistor within its heated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Lexus Malaysia is currently offering the LM in four exterior colours – Graphite Black Glass Flake, Sonic Titanium, Sonic Quartz and Sonic Agate, with semi-aniline leather upholstery in either Solis White or Black. Given that it is currently offering two variants instead of 1 as per its predecessor too, Lexus is looking likely to improve on its first-gen sales performance of 32 units locally.

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