Jaguar Has Produced Its Last ICE Car At Its Castle Bromwich Plant

The last ICE Jaguar to roll out of its Castle Bromwich site was to be a blacked-out XF sedan. 

What you see here with this murdered-out XF is not just the last ever of its generation to be produced, but also more significantly is the last ever internal combustion engined Jaguar to roll out of its iconic Castle Bromwich assembly plant. 

A site that has been responsible for the final assembly all of Jaguar’s sedans and sports cars since the British automaker took it over back in 1977, the next thing that is to be rolling out of its doors has been slated to feature an electric motor in place of pistons under the hood.

Now further details regarding this final XF is unfortunately to still be elusive thus far, with there to surprisingly be no official word actually from Jaguar regarding this rather significant end of an era. In fact, this unofficial photograph was all that is found to commemorate the commencement of this changeover phase for the British marque. 

It is nevertheless worth highlighting though that this end was not at all unforeseen, with Jaguar having previously announced back in March that it intends to take the XE, XF and F-Type off sale from June 2024. This funnily enough has therefore seen for this traditionally sedan and sports car purveyor to now feature a fully SUV lineup for the near future, with the F-Pace, E-Pace and I-Pace EV holding the fort. 

More interestingly too is that with the death of its XF, XE and F-Type (that were all incidentally produced at Castle Bromwich by the way), Jaguar is in a strange position whereby it doesn’t actually make any cars at its own factory anymore. 

The F-Pace after all is produced by its sister company Land Rover in its Solihull site, alongside its Range Rover Velar platform-mate. The all-electric I-Pace in turn is built by OEM contractor Magna Steyr at its Austrian facility in Graz, which is incidentally where the E-Pace compact crossover is churned out too, with it being assembled in China too by its local production partner Chery. 

According to Jaguar, the Castle Bromwich will be retooled to produce its next line of all-new bespoke all-electric models in the near future. And the latest reports on this matter at least supposedly sees for the first of these models to be an uber-luxurious grand tourer touted to rival the likes of Bentley, with it supposedly set for an initial international introduction sometime later this year. 

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