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Karamjit Singh Has Vehicle Failure At The Danau Toba Rally

Redbaron drove 4 hours from Parapot to get to the flag off point for the Danau Toba Rally 2022 which also is part of the 2022 APRC round to suuport his friends who lack sponsorship from corporate Malaysia and more.

Redbaron now shares his personal experience of this impressive rally event below.

Basically I am here to give moral support and what ever I can to help my 2 buddies of 30 over years, the ‘Flying Sikh’ Karamjit Singh and Jagdev Singh, also not to forget Muhammad Rafiq Abdullah for this rally and was accompanied by Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood and Eddy Casmady .

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

Karamjit Singh could not have better start in SS1. 4th overall for me with the car he had compare to the field he is up against that is super awesome results.  But glory was short lived cause the age of the machine there were mechanical issues despite his roaring performance that impressed other teams.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

The 13 years old Proton Gen 2 that he was driving is only a fraction of a rally car when compared to the cars on the race that were there as they were all above a million ringgit.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

Even with this handicap Karamjit is able produce impressive performance…… so could you imagine what would be the out come if he were driving and AP4 or AP5 version. Not because of the vehicle differential crack because it was hit by rock he would have been on the podium of this rally.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

I am sure a lot of the others competitors with cars cost millions will be glad of the out come as could you imagine if the Proton Gen2 on podium they would be in situation we know. Well, better luck next time and this man and his navigator are just like wine the older they get, the better they rally.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

I am sure many out there who insist he retire well boys I think you all will still see him around for years to come. It looks like the Malaysia rally scene is making a come back and I pray to the man that Karamjit and Jagdev he will succeed.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

Interestingly there were 63 cars taking part in the 2022 Danau Toba Rally. Only sad that a true world champion, Karamjit Singh is finding difficult to get funding/sponsorship (especially from Proton Cars) to race further. ‘Hang in there guys you may never know; things can change for the better’.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

All in all, you have made the Jalur Gemilang proud and being Malaysia I am proud of your achievements.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

For the organizer they acknowledge the entry by installing the Malaysia flag on the flag of ceremony.  There are other participants from different part of the world that was there but only Jalur Gemilang was displayed.  Thank you to IMI for the acknowledgement.

Karamjit Singh Danau Toba Rally 2022

Next round, in Jambi, we hope he gets some sponsorship and for sure he will enter the rally of Jambi. This is Hisham Redbaron signing of from Danau Toba Rally 2022.

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