Hyundai Staria MPV Wins The 2023 VOTY Exterior Design Award

This goes to the Hyundai Staria MPV, which got its 10-seater upgrade last year

For 2023, we’ve decided to re-introduce this category as there were a number of vehicles that have elevated the game in terms of interior and exterior design.

Car manufacturers have had to push harder than ever to impress in terms of design, especially as platforms start to morph to take on multiple powertrain options. In this regard, the Hyundai Staria managed to impress our judges and with a revised selling price from RM179,888 which is the 10-seat version that was launched in October last year, this is a winning design at a great price point.

The 10-seater model that was launched last year qualified the Staria for this award and we would have given it out a year earlier if the category was around before.

The Staria takes the conventional MPV shape and transforms it into something that wouldn’t look out of place on a different planet.

Hyundai’s design team took some really bold steps in creating a look for the people-mover that was both sci-fi yet paid homage to retro themes. In a sea of bland boxes, this egg-shaped vehicle will turn heads for years to come.


The Allianz Vehicle Of The Year (VOTY) Award ceremony is the first and only vehicle award event in Malaysia that does not hand out paid awards, nor does it charge winners or participating brands any fee whatsoever.

Winners are allowed to use the VOTY event logo free of charge in all marketing materials. Event attendees are not even charged for their seat at the award presentation. All car manufacturers that operate in Malaysia are invited to participate free of charge. All they have to do is let our judges test drive their nominated vehicles.

The nominated vehicles must have been launched in Malaysia in the last 12 months and cannot be a localised minor facelift (body-kits, stickers, wheel upgrades, etc).

All judging is independent and is put down to a vote before the winners are selected. Car manufacturers are not informed if they are winning or not before the event.

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