Hyundai Further Soups Up The IONIQ 5 N With Its NXP1 Concept

All the N Performance Parts featured on this hot Hyundai will soon be made available for purchase too.   

While Hyundai has already proved itself capable of delivering a red-hot EV in the form of its newly-revealed IONIQ 5 N, there must definitely be some at the South Korean automaker who thinks for that 650 PS all-electric supercar slayer to still not be hot enough. Such is because recently showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon was the NXP1 concept of the souped-up e-crossover, which added another plethora of N Performance Parts to this already spicy EV. 

Kicking off with the changes up front first, this NXP1 concept brings to the table an even more aggressive face courtesy of an even chunkier bumper with new air intakes, as well as a similarly enlarged front carbon splitter topped with the iconic N baby blue accent. Also featured on this hot Hyundai are massive aerodynamic fins attached to its front fenders, which complement the new side skirt extensions that incidentally is accented with the same blue hue.   

Carbon fibre wing mirrors make an appearance too down the boxy profile of this further souped-up IONIQ 5, along with a set of custom hybrid carbon-alloy N Performance wheels and wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires. And hiding behind said slicker rubber meanwhile is a set of lowering springs and upgraded brake pads to give this Hyundai just a bit more bite to match its newly-loudened bark, which is to be most visually apparent from its new (and absolutely massive) bumper-cum-diffuser and massive roof-mounted wing that adorn its rump.

Topping of the changes on this Hyundai concept are apparently to be an interior that is further enhanced with even more Alcantara and bucket seats, but unfortunately there are to be no official visual accompaniments to substantiate this claim. What has nevertheless surprisingly been confirmed however is for all the aforementioned add-ons previewed on this NXP1 concept will apparently be to be available for purchase by any interested party who wants to further soup up their IONIQ 5 N, with these N Performance Parts set to go on by the end of this year. 

Aside from just go-faster hardware too, Joon Park, Vice President of N Brand Management Group, has claimed that in the pipeline is custom software ‘such as sound and vehicle calibration by OTA updates, which will open a completely new category of EV customisation for an exciting future ahead for the tuning community’. Hyundai is also promising that aside from the IONIQ 5 N, it will soon be expanding the availability of its N Performance Parts products for all other N models as well. 

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