GoCar Widens One-Way Trip Coverage To Most Of Selangor

Cheaper rates are also now available with GoCar rentals of 3 days or more. 

GoCar has recently announced that it has expanded its pioneering one-way trip to now include most of Selangor. Moreover, Malaysia’s leading on-demand car sharing platform has also slashed its rates for round-trip bookings of more than three days.

Initially only available in Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya, GoCar’s one-way trip coverage has since been expanded to include Shah Alam, Sepang, Ampang Jaya, Kajang, Selayang and Klang. This expansion to more areas around Selangor will hence allow even more users to benefit from the unlimited milage short-term rentals that start from as low as RM 0.17 per minute. 

Speaking further of this one-way trim service, as the name implies it allows users to pick the vehicle up from one location and conveniently return it at a different location of their choice. Users also do not need to worry about paying for parking during the duration of use and when returning the vehicle as, courtesy of GoCar’s existing partnership with Smart Selangor Parking and Flexi Parking, customers can park at any street parking box in Selangor free of charge. 

Now moving onto the other recent announcement regarding the rate reductions of GoCar rental services, the company has revised its long-term round-trip rental rates and has since included a tiered pricing structure with that allows for cheaper rates the longer the rental duration is. The minimum rental duration to be applicable for these discounts however are 3 days, with any rentals below that still subject to the normal dynamic pricing. 

Applicable for a variety of cars that range from the Nissan Almera, Renault Captur, Nissan Serena and Nissan Teana, the daily rates span from RM 55 for a 30+ day lease on the Almera to RM 262 for a 3-6 day lease on a Teana or a Serena. Something therefore perhaps for expats to consider, or even out-of-state holidaymakers looking for an affordable alternative to renting a set of wheels for the weekend around their holiday destination. 

PRESS RELEASE: GoCar, Malaysia’s leading on-demand car-sharing platform, today announced new and enhanced services offering greater savings and more convenience for customers.

In this pandemic world, private transportation is still the safest mode of mobility. But with people’s livelihoods impacted, for many, buying a car – new or even used – may not be a viable option.

To continue addressing the need for an affordable and practical alternative to car ownership, GoCar in partnership with Flexi Parking and Smart Selangor Parking announced the expansion of one-way trips from Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya to most of Selangor (excluded locations Kuala Langat and Kuala Selangor).

Additionally, GoCar is now offering longer-term round trips for selected models with rates as low as RM55 per day. 

Wider coverage for one-way trips, pay by the minute

With the expansion across most of Selangor from Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and now adding on Shah Alam, Sepang, Ampang Jaya, Kajang, Selayang and Klang, more users can now enjoy the benefits of GoCar’s one-way trips including:

  • Pay for what you use. With rates from as low as RM0.17 per minute, one-way trips are ideal for short drives like a quick run to the supermarket. To keep prices more affordable, GoCar has also set a daily safety cap for usage above 10 hours per day. For more protection, these rates are also inclusive of a Collision Damage Waiver Lite package in case of any unfortunate incidents.
  • No restrictions. Users are not required to make any advanced bookings and there are no mileage caps. They only need to turn on the GoCar app to find the nearest available vehicle to them and the car is theirs to drive for a long as they need it. 
  • Drop off a GoCar anywhere. One-way trip bookings allow users to pick up the vehicle from a preferred GoCar location and conveniently return it at a different location of their choice.
  • Free street parking. Now available for users in throughout Selangor via GoCar’s strategic partnerships with Smart Selangor Parking and Flexi Parking, customers can also park at any street parking box for free, while they are using the vehicle or when returning it. 

For more detailed information about GoCar’s one-way trips:

Save more with longer-term round trips

For more savings and better budgeting, customers can now make round-trip bookings for longer durations of 3 days and more via the GoCar mobile app. 

Available for the Nissan Almera, Renault Captur, Nissan Serena and Nissan Teana, the longer your booking, the more you save. All rates are inclusive of unlimited mileage.

For example, a three- to six-day booking for a Nissan Almera costs RM68 per day, while bookings for 30 days and above cost RM55 per day. Prices for hourly or one- to two-day bookings are either fixed or dynamic. 

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