Ferrari F430 Burns Down While Cruising On The Highway

A red hot Ferrari in the most literal (and unfortunate) sense of the word. 

An unfortunate Ferrari has been the recent hot topic on the Malaysian news due to it going up in flames on the Kulim-Butterworth Expressway. Occuring near the Permatang Pauh exit of the highway in Penang, this F430 Scuderia caught fire at around 2.08 p.m. on the 27th of January (Wednesday). 

According to Penang Fire and Rescue Department officer Supt Nafis Ariff Abdullah, the Ferrari was already 80% destroyed when fire fighters arrived at the scene. Thankfully however, no one was injured as a result of this unfortunate incident. 

As for the cause of this Ferrari spontaneously going up in flames, this matter is still under investigation at time of writing. Seeing however that there was no other vehicles involved in this unfortunate incident, a collision could therefore be ruled out as one of the reasons causing the fire. 

Furthermore, given that the back portion of the F430 bore the brunt of the destruction by the flames, it would be reasonable to assume that the fire originated somewhere from the 630+ hp 4.3 litre naturally aspirated V8. 

This is of course not the first time a Ferrari has been too hot to handle, as there actually has been a well documented history of prancing horses going up in flames. The most recent of which lead to the recall of over a couple thousand of its supercars worldwide due to a manufacturing defect with the fuel vapour separator, which could cause the cars spontaneously catch fire while on the road. 

In fact, speaking of this model specifically, this isn’t even the first time an F430 has gone up in flames in Malaysia. The previous reported case was yet another red one that caught fire while pumping petrol.

Having said all that however, for the driver/owner’s sake at least, one can only hope that this Ferrari’s insurance policy has fire coverage. That said though, to anyone looking for a cheap front end of a F430 Scuderia, a half cut of one could well be making its way to a breakers yard very soon. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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