Nissan Launches Accessory Packages For Almera Turbo

Spice up your upcoming Nissan Almera with a range of optional accessories. 

Despite the Almera Turbo not actually reaching the hands of any customers thus far, Edaran Tan Chong Motor today announced a range of optional accessory packages for this new compact Japanese sedan. 

Three new accessory packages have been unveiled today for customers to personalise a car they have yet to receive. Starting with the interior, an Interior Styling Package costing RM 400 is available. This package includes LED interior lights, a boot tray with an anti-slip surface and for the front and rear side sills, stainless steel kick plates etched with the Almera logo. 

Moving to the outside, an Exterior Styling Package is offered ‘to further accentuate the exterior of the Almera Turbo’. For both lower VL and VLP variants, RM 950 yields black door visors, carbon fibre pattern door protectors and the same gloss black boot spoiler as seen on the top-spec VLT variant. As such for buyers of the VLT variant Almera, the Exterior Styling Package will only cost RM 350 for the door visors and door protectors, due to the spoiler already coming as standard on that spec. 

The accessory package that would presumably be the most sensible for Almera buyers to tick however will probably be either the Protection or Protection Plus Package on offer. Starting with the Protection Package first, this accessory package that costs RM 1,950 includes Solar Gard Armorcoat Tinting Film and Dual Channel Driving Video Recorder (DVR) dash cams fitted to both the front and rear screen of the vehicle. Stepping up to the RM 2,750 Protection Plus package meanwhile just improves the tint on offer with V-Kool Elite Tinting Film. The twin dash cams remain part of the package.

All these accessories mentioned above can of course be purchased individually. However, buying the accessories in packages entails a saving of up to 31%, depending on package selected. 

One accessory that is not offered in a package though is the combination leather seats with dark grey accents. Available for the VL variants only, this RM 1,380 option upgrades the existing fabric seats on the base spec to be in line with the leather upholstery on the higher spec variants. 

These accessory packages and accessories on offer are backed by a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty (whichever comes first), and can be financed along with the car when ordered at time of purchase. Interestingly, while the accessories all have their prices, we still have yet to know the prices of the actual Almera Turbo yet. 

Bookings for the Almera Turbo are still open at selected showrooms. Customers who test-drive this all-new Nissan are also in for a chance at winning an iPhone SE worth RM 2,199. More detailed information about the accessory packages can be found in the press release below. 

PRESS RELEASE: Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn. Bhd. today released the Optional Accessory Packages pricing menu that allow customers to personalize their All-New Nissan Almera Turbo.

The optional accessory packages are specially tailored for customers who want to customize their All-New Nissan Almera Turbo. Every accessory is backed by a 3-year warranty and can be financed when ordered at time of purchase.

There are 4 interesting accessory packages with the first package being the Interior Styling Package priced at RM400.00. This package includes LED Room Lamps, a Trunk Tray with anti-slip surface that keeps your items in place and help keep the trunk clean from dirt or spills, and stainless steel Kick Plates with etched Almera logo at front and rear side sills that protect against scuffs and scratches.

To further accentuate the exterior of the All-New Nissan Almera Turbo, customers can choose the Exterior Styling Package at RM950.00 that comes with Door Visors, Carbon Fibre Pattern Finish Door Handle Protectors (2 pieces) and Gloss Black Trunk Lid Spoiler for VL and VLP variants. As for VLT variant, customers can enjoy this package at RM350.00 only as the trunk lid spoiler is standard on this variant.

For customers who place importance on security, they can opt for Protection Package at RM1,950.00. This package comes with Solar Gard Armorcoat® Tinting Films that reduces solar heat and is a deterrent against smash and grab incidences. Also included in this package is the Dual Channel Camera (front and rear) Driving Video Recorder that captures accidents or collisions as evidence when needed.

Additionally, customers can also choose the Protection Plus Package at RM2,750.00 to upgrade to V-Kool™ Elite Tinting Films that is able to reject up to 94% of solar heat.  


RM 400 RM950

(VL & VLP)



RM 1,950 RM 2,750
  • ïLED Room Lamp
  • ïTrunk Tray
  • ïKick Plates
  • ïDoor Visor
  • ïDoor Handle Protector (2 pieces)
  • ïGloss Black Trunk Lid Spoiler
  • ïDoor Visor
  • ïDoor Handle Protector (2 pieces)
  • ïSolar Gard Armorcoat® Tinting Films
  • ïDual Channel Camera System Driving Video Recorder
  • ïV-Kool™ Elite Tinting Films
  • ïDual Channel Camera System Driving Video Recorder
30% savings* 23% savings* 24% savings* 28% savings* 31% savings*

*Calculated versus individual purchase prices.

For those who prefer individual item purchase, customers may choose from the optional accessories list with the following price (inclusive of installation):

Items Price (RM)
LED Room Lamp 150
Trunk Tray 220
Kick Plates (Front and Rear) 200
Door Visor 400
Door Handle Protector (2 pieces) 60
Gloss Black Trunk Lid Spoiler (VL & VLP only) 780
Dual-Channel Camera Driving Video Recorder 1,200
Solar Gard Armorcoat® Tinting Film 1,500
V-Kool™ Elite Tinting Film 2,800
Combination Leather Seats with Dark Grey Accent (VL only) 1,380

All accessories come with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

As a recap, the All-New Nissan Almera Turbo takes the popular B-sedan to a new level of refinement with enhanced specification not usually found in the segment. Following the theme ‘Challenge All Beliefs’, the All-New Nissan Almera Turbo is not the Almera everyone knew before. It is completely redesigned to be energetic, provocative and engaging with its dynamic styling, confidence-inspiring performance and innovative technologies, that sets to challenge customers’ beliefs on what modern sedans should be. 

Nissan Almera 2020_1.0L Turbo

Members of public are also invited to experience the All-New Nissan Almera Turbo at selected Nissan showrooms and stand a chance to win 15 iPhone SE (128GB) worth RM 2,199 each when you test drive the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo.

For more information, please visit or call the Nissan Customer Care Centre hotline at 1800-88-3838.

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