2021 Honda Forza 750 Tops Honda’s Scooter Lineup

The Honda maxi-scooter features a 745 cc parallel-twin with a 6 speed dual-clutch transmission. 

Honda’s relatively new line of Forza scooters has recently gained a new addition in the form of the Honda Forza 750. Sitting atop the previously largest Forza 350 within its scooter range, this new maxi-scooter replaces the Integra scooter nameplate as the flagship in the Japanese motorcycle maker’s portfolio. 

A more road-biased version to the rugged Honda X-Adv, the Forza 750 is incidentally powered by the same 745 cc parallel-twin power plant as featured on the X-Adv and rest of the NC range of motorcycles. While the bore, stroke, layout, and even CO2 emissions are identical though, Honda has now made this engine Euro 5 compliant. Performance figures have also been given a slight bump, with this liquid-cooled SOHC engine now pushing out 58 hp and 50.89 lb-ft of torque, compared to the 54 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque from the prior generations. 

As expected, the six-speed dual clutch transmission on the Forza 750 is also a carry-over unit. Operated either in manual mode or letting the transmission shift automatically, the ride by wire technology featured on this innovative gearbox should make shifts feel even smoother. Moreover, four levels of shifting ferocity are available to choose from depending on the riding conditions, with level 1 being the least aggressive, while level 4 allowing the engine to rev longer and change down earlier to be within the engine’s power band. 

Speaking of various riding conditions, this new Honda maxi-scooter is fitted with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) three-level traction control. This is in addition to four selectable driving modes, ranging from Standard, Sport, Rain and User. Each mode subtly changes power delivery, engine brake level, ABS intrusion level and traction control to suit the condition selected. 

Shod in 17 inch and 15 inch wheels up front and behind respectively, 120 mm of suspension travel is afforded to the Forza 750 thanks to a 41 mm diameter inverted forks up front and Pro-link swing arm with a Monoshock damper out back. Braking meanwhile is the responsibility of a radial four-pot calliper clamping down on 310 mm double hydraulic discs up front, with a single-piston calliper clamping down on 240 mm single disc round the rear. 

Technology-wise, being the flagship of the Honda scooter range, the Forza 750 is equipped with a 5 inch TFT screen with Honda Smartphone Voice Control System. A smart key with keyless start are also standard on this maxi-scooter. Lighting on this motorcycle is also an all LED affair. 

Moving on to the topic of practicality, the seat height is set at a motorcycle-esque 790 mm. Furthermore, underneath the seat is a 22 litre storage compartment, more than sufficient for a full faced helmet. A USB-C charging port is also located within the under-seat compartment. For added storage cubbies, a small glove box is to be found on the right side front cowling. 

Thus far, this flagship Honda Forza 750 is only available in Europe. There is also no word yet too on the pricing structure for this maxi-scooter. Seeing though as the Forza 300 is currently sold here, it probably won’t be long till this top-of-the-line Honda scooter makes its way to our shores. 

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