Domino’s New E-Bike Has A Built-In Shock-Absorbing Oven

The new Domino’s dxb e-bike aims to deliver piping hot pizza in the greenest possible way. 

When ordering a Domino’s delivery in Malaysia, it is most likely for the pizza to eventually arrive on a kapchai. And while that it certainly a quick and efficient way of getting the order from the oven to the destination, the motorbike is unfortunately not to be exactly greenest mode of transportation.  

So in an apparent endeavour to do their bit for the environment therefore, Domino’s has recently unveiled a new pizza delivery e-bike. Dubbed the dxb, what is perhaps most unique about this two-wheeler is for it to feature a built-in, fan-forced oven and a shock absorber system to keep the pie toasty warm and in one piece until it reaches the customer. 

Now discussing first about the built-in oven, it is integrated to what Domino’s has called a temperature-controlled pizza pod that hangs out from the back of the bike. This heated box is then supposedly meant to keep the food within it at a piping hot 68ºC, which is the temperature determined by the pizza company to be the ideal temperature for the pizza’s optimum freshness and cheese stretch. 

As for the shock absorbing system on the other hand, Domino’s claims for the aforementioned pizza pod stabilised by space-age suspension that apparently cuts g-forces by an incredible 67 per cent. The pizza company hence claims that with this system, the chance of turbulence for its pizza during delivery will be zero, and thus it will arrive at the destination exactly as it was lovingly hand-made in store.

It is worth pointing out though that while Domino’s has hyped up its pizza carrying implement, it has remained mysteriously silent regarding the actual technical specs of the two-wheeler this pizza pod has been attached to. Though what has nevertheless been confirmed is that the dxb will be gradually rolled out in the company’s 12 markets worldwide, with interestingly enough Malaysia being included among the locations. 

Domino’s Pizza Enterprise Ltd Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said it was no secret the Company was obsessed with continually enhancing the delivery experience, having tested everything from drones to autonomous delivery vehicles, jet skis to reindeer.

“For us, delivering the perfect pizza is more than just a job – it’s our core purpose and runs deep within our DNA,” Mr Meij said. “The dxb is the next exciting milestone in our quest to ensuring your pizza reaches you in record time without compromising on quality or taste.”

CEO of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Shamsul Amree meanwhile added, “Malaysians have an enduring love for our delicious pizzas. Driven by our passion for technology and the rapid pace of innovation, our new e-bike concept, dxb, represents an initial exploration into the future of delivery.”

“As we gear up for future possibilities, the initial concept of the dxb showcases future-forward features like the Pizza Pod, offering customers satisfaction-led solutions like never before. Its one-of-a-kind shock absorbers and fan-forced ceramic heating technology are envisioned to enhance the customer experience, delivering pizzas fresh and hot – just as if they were right out of the oven. This innovative effort is part of our preparation for the future, and we are excited about the opportunity for the Malaysian market to be among the few to experience this initial concept,” he continued. 

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