Damon Motors wants motorcyclists to be super safe with their tech

This will be the greatest invention for the motorcycle industry if it works as well as the inventor claims. Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of Damon Motors, wants to invent a future where the fatality with motorcycles in an accident will be gone. He sounds just like Volvo Cars where they have a mission to make sure no human will have been fatally wounded in Volvo vehicle.

For this, his young team based in Vancouver (Canada) is working on an unprecedented safety technology for two wheels. It is an anti-collision warning system that works 360 ° around the bike and warns its rider of any imminent danger.

Called the ‘Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles’ (AWSM), the device is based on a series of sensors, radars and cameras associated with an embedded neural network. The system can track up to 64 objects around the bike by analyzing their trajectory to predict their behavior and anticipate a hazard. The information is then transmitted to the driver by several visual and haptic warning systems thanks to a network of LEDs arranged around the cockpit and vibrations transmitted via the handles of the motorcycle. Finally, the AWSM system communicates using 5G with the servers.

Damon Motors intends to use data from sensors located at the front, back, and sides of a motorcycle to calculate threat trajectories from more than five dozen moving objects simultaneously for enhanced rider situational awareness.

We wait eagerly for the day when this system works faultlessly to get ourselves back on a motorcycle.

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