Changan Auto UNI-K Is A Stunningly Stylish SUV

This new Changan SUV certainly gives off Jaguar or Porsche vibes in its design. 

Changan Auto’s new UNI SUV division has been coming up with some pretty cool-looking SUVs in recent times. Having only launched its first model in the form of the futuristic UNI-T compact crossover at the beginning of this year, the Chinese automaker is now following it up with the equally sleek UNI-K large SUV. 

Supposed heavily inspired by Changan Auto’s Vision-V concept, these official photos provided by Changan of what the production version of the UNI-K would look like certainly seems as if concept car has come to life. 

Starting at the front, its large flowy front grille now gains some intake holes, but other than that it is much the same as the concept car that made its debut in the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. The slit-like LED headlights are still present, as are the distinctive horizontal Y-shaped DRLs that bisect the front bumper. 

Moving down the side and round the back meanwhile, a hint of Jaguar F-Pace or even Porsche Cayenne Coupe could be discerned from the UNI-K SUV. Most notably in the rear haunches for the former, and the full width LED light bar for the latter. Other influences from these large premium SUVs seen on the UNI-K also come in the form of the electronically retractable door handles, 21-inch multispoke alloys wrapped in a thin veneer of rubber, as well as the quad tail pipes. 

Though the Changan does have some unique features of its own that hasn’t appeared yet on any car in the West, the highlight of which is probably the twin shark fin style LED third brake light that extends from the rear boot spoiler. 

Seeing as the majority of the UNI-K’s underpinnings are derived from Changan’s existing CS95 large SUV, under the hood of this shapely new model is expected to be a 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 233 hp and 360 Nm of torque. Power is reportedly to be sent to all four wheels through an Aisin-derived 8-speed automatic transmission. 

Thus far, no additional details have been provided about the interior of the UNI-K. A reasonable guess however is that it will feature the usual array of screens as are common with most new cars nowadays. Guesses that will most likely be confirmed when this Changan is officially unveiled at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show in the coming weeks. 

The starting price of this new UNI-K is predicted to be around $27,000 (RM 113,000) as it hits the local Chinese market in the first quarter of next year. The question now is whether it will ever make it out of China. 

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