The Rocket 1000 Is Brabus’ 1,000 HP Take On An AMG GT 4 Door

This 1,000 horsepower latest creation from Brabus is touted as being its most powerful model to date. 

Famed German tuners Brabus has been fettling around with a Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door 63 S E-Performance lately, and the result of all this is its recently revealed Rocket 1000. 

Named as such because of the amount of horsepower it outputs, this most powerful Brabus produced to date earns that title by packing a twin-turbocharged AMG V8 under its long hood, which incidentally has been enlarged somewhat from its stock 4.0-litre form to its current 4.5-litre capacity. A new exhaust system and larger pair of 56 mm turbos have also been thrown in to the mix too, which when paired with this four-door fastback’s existing e-motor on its rear axle, yields the headline 1,000 hp and 1,820 Nm power and torque figure.  

It is worth noting however that in reality, its peak torque is unfortunately limited to only 1,620 Nm to protect its drivetrain. Though even with that self-preserving cap in place, the monster under the hood of the Rocket 1000 is still to be churning out a healthy 157 hp and 220 Nm more than the car on which it is based. 

What more too is that when all that power is let loose through its MCT nine-speed sports transmission and 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive system, Brabus claims for the Rocket 1000 to well, rocket, to the century sprint in just 2.6 seconds, shaving 0.3 seconds off its stock counterpart. The 200-kph mark is meanwhile dispensed with in an equally blistering quick 9.7 seconds, while the push to 300 kph (186 mph) takes 23.9 seconds, before eventually topping out at 316 km/h (196 mph). 

Touching on the exterior enhancements now, Brabus has added a widebody kit to the Rocket 1000 that brings with it a more aggressive front bumper and a lower splitter to complement the carbon ram air intakes on its grille. Its widened profile has further been accentuated with a set of side skirts in between its bulbous wheel arches, which beneath them sit a set staggered 21- and 22-inch Monoblock P forged five-spoke alloys wrapped in Continental SportContact 7 high-performance tires. 

The Rocket also sits a helpful 20 mm closer to terra firma for a better stance, courtesy of its SportXtra suspension setup. As for its rear, a different bumper is topped off by a massive multi-piece carbon rear wing and four carbon-titanium exhaust pipes, which hint at the aforementioned custom exhaust with active valves in place capable of switching between quiet and loud modes.

Moving along inside, swathes of carbon on the dash and centre console compliments the flashes of red from the interior ambient lighting in adding a bit of spice to the predominantly black cabin. Other interior highlights include quilted sports seats to match the similarly quilted carpets – with Brabus adding an embossed a “77” logo to the former as a nod to its founding year of 1977.

Production of the Rocket 1000 has been limited by Brabus to just 25 numbered examples, with each costing from €450,000 (RM 2.3 million). Or to put it in another sense, more than double the base vehicle. But hey, it really isn’t all that much when compared to a similarly powerful Bugatti Veyron, and this four-door fastback can seat four too!

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