Cyan Racing Shows Off Its Gorgeous Green P1800 GT Restomod

This GT-spec P1800 Cyan is the softer sibling to its racy counterpart launched previously in 2020. 

It has certainly been a while since we heard from them, but Cyan Racing is once again back at doing great things to beautiful Volvos. And while its prior premiere P1800 restomod was in essence a track car with number plates, this second creation from the Scandinavian motorsport outfit is supposedly to be more street-friendly instead. 

Billed as a grand tourer, Cyan Racing claims that this gorgeous green example has had its in-house developed fully-adjustable suspension now set up more ‘for winding country roads and inspiring but comfortable long-distance driving’. It further goes on to state that its drivetrain has been further optimised for enjoyable drivability, rather than raw power. 

Though with this being the brainchild of the reigning six-time world touring car racing championship team, it should come as no surprise to learn that raw power ain’t exactly to be lacking too. Such is because under the long hood of this apparently softer P1800 restomod still lies the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-pot (incidentally nicked straight from the S60 TC1 race car) as in its racy sibling, which in its most wild configuration from the factory sends nearly 420 horsepower and 455 Nm of torque through a custom five-speed Holinger manual ‘box to its rear wheels. 

With a predominantly carbon body that barely tips the scales at over a tonne as well, there should be no doubt that this particular Volvo from the 60s would likely still smoke past the high-powered hybrids and EVs the Swedish automaker currently produces today. 

Moving on inside now, Cyan Racing has largely attempted to stick to its GT aspirations by increasing the sound deadening and fitting a pair of bespoke touring-spec seats within the sand-coloured cockpit of this restomod. A pair is however the maximum number of occupants that can be (legally) transported within this modernised P1800, as on the opposite end of its classic-style dashboard is a titanium half cage in place of the original rear bench. 

As for its exterior, this particular GT-spec P1800 Cyan has been specced by its US-based commissioner in a gorgeous olive green metallic hue. This is further complemented by a similarly shiny set of massive gold alloy wheels tucked neatly within its subtly flared fenders, which behind it in turn hides enough brakes to keep its beautiful silhouette as it is.

Cyan Racing has yet to officially reveal how much this new GT-spec P1800 has cost its commissioner, but it is to likely be around the same ballpark £379,000 (RM 2.3 million) as what the company had quoted for its premiere creation back in 2020. The reason for its high price stems from these restomods taking around 12 to 15 months to be extensively re-engineered from an original donor car by its team of engineers. 

And just for those who have read until here but have no idea what the P1800 is, this Volvo originally went on sale all the way back in 1961. Available in both sleek coupe form or in a more awkward shooting brake body style, this model was made initially famous back in its day by being the star car in the British TV series The Saint (starring Roger Moore), with auto nerds perhaps being somewhat familiar with this car in recent time too, due to it holding the Guinness World Record for the car with the highest milage under the custodianship of Irv Gordon. 

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