Axia Travelling Against Highway Flow Cause 3 Car Accident

The Axia driver attempted to balik kampung for Deepavali and was trying to evade a police roadblock on the highway. 

A Perodua Axia was recently involved in a 3 car accident between a Toyota Rush and a lorry while travelling against the normal traffic flow on the North-South Expressway (PLUS). This accident occurred on the evening of the 11th of November (Wednesday) at KM355.4 of the highway, just before the Sungkai toll exit.

The Axia reportedly travelled a staggering 1.4 km in the wrong direction on the right lane of highway before crashing head-on into an oncoming Toyota Rush. This initial collision between the Axia and the Rush sent the Japanese SUV into a spin across to the left lane of the highway, thereby leading to the collision with an oncoming lorry that was carrying glove-making machinery.

Tapah OCPD Supt Wan Azharuddin Wan Ismail has stated that the driver of the Axia, a 34 year old man, was apparently travelling from Klang to his hometown in Bidor with the intention to celebrate Deepavali back home. Upon seeing the roadblock at the Sungkai toll exit however, the Axia driver decided instead to reverse back and drove against the traffic flow heading south, thereby causing the incident that unfolded. It was alleged that the man had undergone a COVID-19 swab test in Klang before returning to Bidor.

Both the driver of the Axia and the lorry driver sustained no injuries, the driver of the Rush however suffered minor injuries from the incident. A frankly miraculous occurrence then, as the damage on both cars as a result of the accident look to be much more severe than the resulting condition of the occupants would have lead to believe.

While the lorry might only have sustained minor crash damage to its front grille and bumper, the rear portion of the Toyota’s roof has caved in, not to mention the damage on the rear third quarter panel. There will presumably be moderate damage to the front too, judging from the way the Rush is sitting much lower on the front left side.

That damage however looks to be light when compared to the Axia. The rear left quarter of the supermini has been completely caved in due to this accident, as is the front left quarter, with the entire front left wheel hub assembly being pushed back to near where the A-pillar was. Thankfully then there was presumably only one person in the Axia, as it wouldn’t have looked like any other occupants in the car would have left the scene uninjured.

Continuing on the Axia, it was reported that the driver was arrested from his house in Bidor at about 11 am the day after the incident (November 12, Thursday). This case would be investigated under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act.

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