Audi Retires The W12 Engine

Audi AG has just announced the end of production of W12 engine in the A8 super luxurious sedan. Yes, it is good news for the environmentalist and car haters and bad news for the horsepower junkies.

Audi AG is systematically pushing forward with the expansion of its extensive range of plug-in hybrids as well as with its electrification strategy and is thereby taking its next steps toward sustainable mobility just like all the other brands under the VW Group.

Audi AG started this project in 2018 with the e-tron. The next step was done with the presentation of the PHEV versions of the A8, A7, A6 and Q5 models at the recent 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.

Audi AG are now planning for more than 20 fully and partially electric models by 2025.

Audi AG are closely observing and analyzing the requirements of our customers and carefully expanding and adjusting their product range accordingly.

Consequently, Audi’s focus is on adding to the versions built around the extremely popular V6 and V8 engines, partly with regard to the complexity reduction that they are hoping to achieve. The W12 engine, however, is an engine for a niche segment.

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