Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Reborn As New Flagship Supercar

This new limited-run Alfa Romeo supercar is available with either a twin-turbo V6 or full EV powertrain. 

Alfa Romeo must certainly be feeling rather brave these days, as it has recently decided to the 33 Stradale nameplate for its new flagship supercar. After all, with the original name borne by what many considered to be one of the world’s first and also most beautiful supercar, this newly announced flagship supercar from the Italian automaker thus has some quite large shoes to fill, in order for it to live up to its legendary predecessor. 

Happily though, from the outside at least, the new 33 Stradale certainly does not let the side down. That is as there is no denying that this new Alfa Romeo is certainly a looker. Draped over its carbon fibre monocoque chassis is a tastefully modernised version of its predecessor’s exterior aesthetic, complete with butterfly doors and all. 

Also tastefully modernised is the new 33 Stradale’s interior, with Alfa Romeo having also decided to emphasise minimalism within the cockpit-esque cabin of its supercar too. To that end therefore, this new two-seater showcases an industry-first 3D heads-up display serving as its main digital interface, and features no buttons at all on the steering wheel. 

This modernisation and minimalism effort further extends to the powertrain department for the new supercar, as there is actually the option to forgo the complexities of internal combustion entirely too. Yes, the 33 Stradale will indeed be Alfa Romeo’s first all-electric model, with its electric drive meanwhile coming from the same 750 hp tri-motor setup as first featured in its sister brand Maserati’s GranTurismo Folgore. 

For those who want to still desire to burn some good ol’ petrol though, Alfa has amazingly also got you covered on that front with the 33 Stradale. That is as rather interestingly, apart from being an all-wheel drive EV, this flagship supercar can also be optioned to solely be driven through its rear wheels, via an 8-speed ZF automatic and 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6. 

Now delving a little bit more into the engine specs for a bit, it might be easy to assume from its Maserati EV powertrain sharing that the new 33 Stradale will also use the trident marque’s new Nettuno V6. But this is where you’d be wrong, because the 3.0-litre V6 found behind the front seats of this new supercar here is instead an evolution of Alfa’s 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged unit that is currently beneath the bonnets of its Quadrifoglio high-performance models. And if we really want to be pedantic too, said Alfa V6 is in all-but-name three-quarters of a V8 that was nicked straight out of a Ferrari 458 anyway. Though with nearly 620 hp on tap, who really does care where this engine actually comes from anyway?

Regardless of which powertrain choice too, this new Alfa Romeo supercar will crack the century sprint in under 3 seconds before charging on to nudge 333 km/h. Numbers that certainly will make its predecessor — who incidentally was the world’s fastest production car for the standing kilometre when it was introduced — proud. And with four wheel steering, double-arm active suspension as well as six-piston Brembos on all four-corners, the 33 Stradale should also be able to steer and stop as well as any other modern supercar. 

Coachbuilt by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera (the same coachbuilder who brought to life the drop-dead gorgeous Disco Volante), only 33 units of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale will be made, with each costing upwards of £1.7 million (RM 10 million) before personalisation. And said personalisation is rather extensive, with owners having even the opportunity to choose their own custom 8-digit VIN. But rather contradictorily, only 3 colours are available: blue, red and a white and red livery that pays tribute to the original 33 Stradale. 

To those though who still have an interest in owning one despite the limited colour palette, there is some unfortunate news as all 33 units to be produced were all sold out within weeks of Alfa Romeo revealing just the first sketches of it to a select few customers at last year’s Monza Grand Prix. The first car will be delivered to its expectant owner in December of next year, with all customers likely to be in possession of their cars by 2026.  

Fortunately however for those who missed this boat, the 33 Stradale will not be the marque’s last special car, with more of these ‘fuoriserie’ (aka custom) models apparently confirmed by Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato to already currently be in the works. True blue petrolheads will have to start looking at auction catalogues though, as the 33 Stradale will be the Italian automaker’s last pure-ICE supercar. 

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