Next-Gen GranTurismo Will Be Maserati’s First Full EV

The V8 that typically lies under the hood of the GranTurismo will soon be a thing of the past. 

Having been on sale for some 14 years already, it was perhaps high time that Maserati gives its GranTurismo a significant revamp to keep up with the times. Keeping up with the times these days however typically means electrification, and that is exactly what the Trident marque has in store for the successor of its 2-door 4-seat grand touring offering. 

Yes, gone will be the Ferrari-derived 4.7-litre naturally aspirated V8 under the hood of the outgoing GranTurismo, and in its place instead will be Maserati’s first all-electric powertrain. Details regarding this new EV drivetrain isn’t yet available thus far, but petrolheads shouldn’t despair that much for the moment as there is rumoured to also be a more conventionally-powered variant with the marque’s in-house Nettuno V6 under the hood. 

In terms of the rest of the car meanwhile, Maserati too has remained mum on specific information regarding the upcoming GranTurismo. Only releasing a set of teaser images of the car well-hidden under its camouflage wraps. 

Looking past the wrap however, it would appear that this next-gen GranTurismo will be slightly smaller than its surprisingly large predecessor. This upcoming Maserati grand tourer also looks to have borrowed more than its fair share of styling cues from its new MC20 supercar stablemate too, with a more rounded grille and similar-looking vertical headlights up front being the clearest evidence to that fact. 

The first Maserati to go all-electric, the upcoming GranTurismo though will be far from the last, as the premium Italian marque has already committed to offer an full-EV option of its entire lineup in the coming years. Currently undergoing ‘a period of intensive road and circuit testing’, this new model will set to officially debut some time later this year, with sales beginning in the first half of 2022. 

Naturally a convertible GranCabrio variant will also be available, with its launch date also to be expected around the same time as the coupe. The other Maserati unveiling to look out for this year too will be its new Macan-sized Grecale crossover, which is set to sit beneath Levante in its ever-expanding SUV range. 

PRESS RELEASE: The first prototype of the new Maserati GranTurismo was driven out of the Maserati Innovation Lab and was photographed on the streets of Modena.

The new Maserati GranTurismo will be the Brand’s first car to adopt a 100% electric solution.

Ahead of the launch of the new model, the prototype cars are currently undergoing a period of intensive road and circuit testing, in various conditions of use, to acquire vital data for the preparation of the final setup.

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