Abarth 595 might come to Malaysia with FCA & PCA Merger

The latest news of the FCA and PCA Groupe merger might bring back the FIAT brand to our shores after an almost 17-year absence. The FIAT brand was once the pride and joy of Torino Motors. However after a few years of warranty issues and the lack of proper after sales, it closed it doors some 17 years ago. Since then, there has been no official FIAT or ABARTH model sold in Malaysia as no automotive group in Malaysia wanted to take ownership of the FIAT brand due to the lack of interesting models and reliability issues.

Yes, gray market AP showrooms have had the odd FIAT and also ABARTH model for sale but without warranty and after sales, the brand has been missed.

PRESS RELEASE: Now comes this revised Abarth 595 Pista special edition. As focused on performance as ever, it is dedicated to the younger fans of the Scorpion. The 595 Pista is even more powerful. With a new engine and new Garrett turbine delivering 165 hp, it is equipped with the iconic Record Monza Active exhaust and Koni rear suspension with FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology that enhances driving performance by offering greater road-hold, handling and stability in total safety.

The new, oversized Garrett turbocharger with geometric compression ratio reduced from 9.8:1 to 9:1 optimises temperature in the combustion chamber at equal pressure, and allows peak torque (230 Nm) to be achieved at a lower rpm (2250 to be precise), while top power is delivered at top revs. This implies benefits in terms of top speed (218 km/h) and, above all, improves pick-up. In fifth gear, the new Pista goes from 80 to 120 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

The 595 Pista is packed with all the standard equipment needed to secure the thrilling driving pleasure typical of the cars with the Scorpion brand. For instance, it has a racing steering wheel with cut bottom and centring mark at the top of the crown, which is particularly useful for sporty driving, and with the “Sport” button that adjusts peak torque output, power steering settings and throttle. The braking system is specific to Abarth and ensures top-notch safety by fitting ventilated 284 mm discs on the front and 240 mm discs on the rear. The new Pista also features a five-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles.

New livery and adrenaline-packed details 

The colour palette of the new Abarth 595 Pista includes matte Grey, in addition to Record Grey, Campovolo Grey, Scorpione Black, Podio Blue, Gara White, Abarth Red, Modena Yellow and Adrenalina Green. On the outside, the brand-new Adrenaline Kit features green accents on the front and rear bumper inserts and the side mirror caps. The hubcaps finish is also green. The new upholstery makes a statement inside with diamond patterns on the standard sports seats or a genuine racing look on the Sabelt 70 seats, the latter available on demand.

Always connected, even on the track

Being targeted to young motorists, the car naturally implements the best in connectivity at the service of performance. It is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Google Android AutoTM with UconnectTM 7 “HD system as standard, navigator and DAB digital radio. The infotainment system has a high-def screen and Abarth Telemetry, an integrated application created to measure performance.

“Follow the Scorpion”, an innovative approach on social media

“Follow the Scorpion” is also making its debut with the Abarth 595 Pista. The new communication project will include a brand logo animation to express all the nuances of the Abarth character, also through special editions to be used on very special occasions. The logos will appear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels to identify various contents, such as enthusiasm for the brand, performance, racing, news, innovation, technology and infotainment.

Furthermore, one-of-a-kind creativity will be used to mark the most important appointments on the Abarth calendar from September to December, every month. The new project perfectly expresses the dynamism of the brand through an original creative idea that will energise the social networks to keep the Abarth community always updated on news in an engaging way.

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