5 reasons why petrol-heads love old car interiors

Petrolheads respect their elders. They are kind, understanding and patient towards their elders. We are talking about older cars. Yes, a true petrolhead loves old car cabins against modern soulless car cabins and here we share 5 reasons why.

  1. The cabin of older cars have a familiar smell…..not musty, not smelly, but a familiar smell to the brand. Like old BMW’s all have the same cabin smell. The same with all old Volvo’s, old FIATs and old VW’s.
  2. The instruments are straight forward and they actually work more precisely. Modern digital instruments move faster than the engine revolutions. Watch closely next time you accelerate your modern digitized car.
  3. There must be 3 solid pedals. Yes, it must have a manual gearbox and with a proper stick shift.
  4. Knobs and switches that have true tactile feel to them. Not like modern soft touch buttons or tablet like functions that you ‘swipe’ and ‘scroll’.
  5. Older car cabins have less distractions. No fancy entertainment units and car connectivity systems to take away the driving pleasure.

Many of your might not understand our reasons above simply because you have not had the opportunity to own and drive an older car.

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