GAC EMPOW Sports Sedan Maybe For Malaysian Launch

With Tan Chong taking on the GAC brand we might see the EMPOW launched here.

The GAC EMPOW is the official entry of the brand into the sports sedan segment and the first model to use the brand’s GPMA (Global Platform Modular Architecture) platform.

The GAC brand is already present in Malaysia under the guardianship of the Tan Chong family automotive group.

This sports sedan has a length of 1850mm, a width of 1432mm, a ground clearance of 119mm, and a wheelbase of 2736mm.


The GAC EMPOW has a low center of gravity that contributes to the smooth drive of the vehicle, even on sudden turns. With a drag coefficient of 0.26, the EMPOW55 is capable of achieving lower fuel consumption and better aerodynamics.


Contributing to its meaner stance is the Mecha grille that has double-sided blade air curtains that improve engine cooling and ventilation of the EMPOW.


It has four exhaust pipes in which the exhaust sounds can be switched on and off; 18-inch alloy wheels, and a high-performance rear deflector. Its slim and upswept LED headlights, sloping rear windshield, and slim LED taillights contribute to the vehicle’s coupe-like appearance.


Powering the EMPOW is GAC Motor’s 4th generation of 2.0ATK engine that is capable of producing more power, more agile response, and lowering fuel consumption. The engine is mated to a German Schaeffler 7-speed wet dual-clutch (WDCT) with an advanced intelligent control system that contributes to a quick-shifting time of 0.2 seconds and performs more smoothly than a CVT system.


Its 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing an output of 175 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. The EMPOW can also sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.95 seconds and has a start response of 0.3 seconds.


It has 4+X driving modes, namely, Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ mode. The X denotes DIY or eight custom function modules, where you can customize the air conditioning, acceleration pedal, dashboard, power system, ambient light, steering, exhaust sound, and ESP speed.



Apart from using the GPMA platform, the EMPOW is also the pioneering model that will use ADiGO 3.0 smart driving system that will help the driver in easing driving fatigue and cope with various road conditions in the city. It is also equipped with GAC Motor’s all-new “Mega Wave Power” technology that focuses on the vehicle’s vitality, reliability, and energy efficiency.

The EMPOW is also capable of fast lane change without losing control, has a short braking distance of 35.5m (from 100 km/h), and low cornering control that allows the driver to keep driving stability without tilting.

The intelligent identification driving system of the EMPOW includes Gesture Control where the system automatically opens the windows and adjusts the air condition temperature when the vehicle detects that its occupant/s is smoking and it also automatically lowers the volume of the vehicle’s audio system when the co-pilot is taking or making a phone call.

The seat automatically adjusts depending on the driver’s identity on facial recognition. Aside from the in-car camera technology, the EMPOW is also surrounded by a 32-color ambient light that synchronizes with the music that you are playing.

For more precise control, the EMPOW has metal-covered pedals with rubber anti-slip slips that are specially designed for sports vehicles.

The GAC EMPOW’s roof is in full glass that extends from the front windshield to the rear windshield, making the occupants enjoy the scenery outside the vehicle.

The PVB laminated glass is safe, and is smash-proof like its windshield. The thermal insulation rate of the glass roof is about 79 percent on the top area, and about 69 percent on the rear. It is safe, provides privacy, and does not affect the vision of the occupants from the inside.

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