Why Buy Recon When You Can Buy Used Mercedes Certified?

So, you want a Mercedes-Benz. Your search online and discussions with friends have led you to a reconditioned used car dealer (AP car dealer) as you will be saving some money against buying brand new. The recon car dealer offers a great deal and a sales pitch that points to a Mercedes Benz car that was owned by an elderly grandma in England who only drove the car to church and supermarket. Its accident free and has super low mileage. You think great, this is the car for me and I am saving some 20% against a brand new Mercedes.

Well, think again. The recon car was probably a lease unit used by a company executive or a rental car and there is no authorized warranty, no service package and no recall can be done if necessary.

This is why we are suggesting her that you take a look at this new Mercedes-Benz Malaysia program which allows you to own a used certified Mercedes-Benz for almost the same price as the reconditioned Mercedes-Benz from England but with warranty and recall facilities available when necessary.

And…..Mercedes-Benz Financial has their Young Star Agility Financing which is designed with the customer lifestyle in mind for our Mercedes-Benz Certified Vehicles. Flexible packages that combines the advantages of financing, protection and convenience.

Why is it called ‘Young Star’?

Depicted from the German word Jungen Stern which means Young Star, it is to represent Mercedes-Benz best or nothing philosophy

Financing Packages

Just choose a package that suits your needs and let us take care of everything, accompanied with the Mercedes-Benz seal of quality. Benefits of young star agility financing:

  • Mercedes_Benz Certified vehicle
  • Lower monthly instalments
  • Flexibility due to 3 options at the end of contract: Extend, Settle or Return Young Star Agility financing features
  • Financial Security due to Guaranteed Future Value by Mercedes-Benz
  • Option to bundle financing with service packages, motor insurance, return to invoice insurance, tyre & rims insurance all in one convenient monthly installment

Features of Mercedes-Benz Certified Vehicles:

  • Sourced from certified Malaysian Mercedes-Benz dealers
  • Maximum of 6 years old & or 125,000 km clocked
  • Serviced by authorized Mercedes-Benz service centers, using only original parts
  • 215 multi-point inspection by certified technicians with Mercedes-Benz Certified stamp
  • Extensive road tests
  • Guaranteed mileage at the time of the customer handover
  • Vehicles checked and verified for genuine service and maintenance record
  • 12 month-warranty extension on top of remaining manufacturers warranty

You can register your interest here:

Or you can contact: Mercedes-Benz Customer Care line at 1-800-88-1133 or speak to a finance and insurance personnel at your nearest Mercedes-Benz Autohaus.

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