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VW Golf Mk2 had a supercharged version……..did you know this?


The Rallye Golf was as its name would suggested was VW’s 4×4 Rally special built by VW Motorsport in Belgium and it utilized a US spec body shell, a syncro drive train pioneered by VW on the 1986 Golf Syncro with a slightly different variant of the VW G60 1781cc engine. It had flared metal wheel arches (similar to the Audi Quattro, BMW M3 E30 and Lancia Delta Integrale) and rectangular headlights as well as having all wheel drive and a supercharger. (picture below)

During the VW Golf Rallye’s short motorsport life, VW Motorsport technicians had to replace the supercharger after every stage completed. This lead to VW having 5000 cars (the homologation requirements) in storage with no rally teams wanting to buy them, so they set about marketing them as road cars and we wonder if any reached Malaysia.

The limited edition VW Motorsport-built special hot hatch, featured a 210bhp 16v G60 engine with BBS RM split-rim wheels, a Syncro 4WD system, single lamp blue trimmed grilles, tinted Hella tail-lamps and exclusive VW Motorsport badging. It was capable of hitting 0-100km/h in a little over 6 seconds with a top speed of nearly 260km/h.

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