Volvo C40 Updated Over Here With More Power & Range For 2024

The Volvo C40 in Malaysia is also sees its DC charging speed be bumped up to 200 kW for 2024. 

While the Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric was already a rather decent (and decently stylish) all-electric premium compact crossover-coupe, the recent arrival of a veritable cornucopia of attractive EV offerings from Tesla, BYD etc. has probably prompted the Swedish marque to up its game somewhat in order to persuade buyers back into its fold. 

And on that front, it is rather neat to note that Volvo has indeed pushed the boat out with the specification upgrade on the C40 for the 2024 model year over here. With the headline news being that this updated all-electric crossover-coupe is now capable of an impressive WLTP-claimed range of 550 km, which is 100 km more range than its prior iteration. 

This healthy boost in range comes courtesy of the larger 82 kWh battery pack featured in this 2024 C40 over here (up from its 78 kWh capacity previously offered), in addition to improved battery cooling. Volvo has also handily managed to eke out a higher maximum input of 200 kW for DC charging (up from 150 kW) from this battery pack upgrade as well, that hence sees for the 10 to 80% charge drop by 1 minute to 27 minutes in spite of the larger battery. 

On the subject of kWs though, what Volvo did to the dual motors on the C40 over here is perhaps the most interesting bit of this 2024 update. Such is as while overall power output remains the same at 300 kW (408 PS), the Swedish automaker has however swapped out the previous set-up of two equal 150 kW e-motors on either axle with a higher output 183 kW unit at the rear and a new less-powerful 117 kW asynchronous electric motor up front, all to yield a ‘more engaging driver experience’. 

Moving on now to the changes on the skin of this 2024 C40 in Malaysia, this updated Volvo crossover-coupe can be differentiated from its pre-update counterparts over here by way of new 19-inch aero-optimised alloy wheels and new pixel LED headlights with an adaptive high beam feature. A new exterior colour option, Vapour Grey, has also been added on to the existing Onyx Black, Crystal White, Fjord Blue, and Sage Green colourways.

Funnily enough, these updated 2024 Volvo C40s are still to be known as such in spite of the recent change in naming convention to EC40. Though more pertinently to prospective buyers at least is, the other thing that has fortunately been left unchanged with this update is the retail price of this Swedish all-electric crossover-coupe, which still stands at RM 288,888. 

What more is that aside from the usual a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, an eight-year/160,000-km battery warranty, a five-year/100,000 km free service package and five years of roadside assistance too, Volvo is currently also offering this updated C40 with a 5-year complimentary Digital Services for access to Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play Store and Volvo Cars app remote functions too.

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